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  1. I could see ALG taking the series if TL thinks they can challooonge against Contra and Dev and even Falacated.
  2. What if every game you lag out you add a loss to your map win/losses? That way it disincentives lagging out on purpose but doesn't kill you when its just shit luck.
  3. _eb

    OT of GD

    OT, but the song in Spartan's montage called "Propane Nightmares" was my fucking jam back in CoD4 and I'm getting all the nostalgias mixed on with the hype. 10/10, would recommend over Ubernick
  4. I waited to buy a flight to santa ana until we for sure had a 4th. Prices went from just over 300 to almost 700. Holy shit. I wish the St Louis LAN had been announced sooner.
  5. As juicy as this is, there is no way something like this can be good for the scene. Pretty major break in the competitive integrity of the league by (whether we like it or not) one of the biggest players in the league. if you go to halo.gg its right there
  6. I listened to last weeks listen in podcast with Mikwen and Snipedown. Good episode with some interesting discussion. They talked about how poorly they match up against Liquids playstyle. Its was almost prophetic.
  7. I'm so torn between wanting nV to win and wanting Halo to win. I truly believe getting Optic's fan base sucked into really following this team and Halo is more important big picture. But on the other hand, fuck that I love parity.
  8. Honest question: when a pro tweets "tomorrow" at 4:58 Friday morning does he mean that night or Saturday?
  9. I fell behind this thread over the weekend and then e6 took Stellars family, this and proleague. Im on mobile and dont even know how many pages I have left. This was great though. Welcome to premium. Alright back to it. See you guys on the otherside, someday.
  10. I have a hard time seeing Nem remaining the best option during transfer period, assuming Stellur displaces a few roster spots. I guess having been playing with him for a few weeks leading up to then could outweigh anything else. Either way I'm very curious to about how this is all going to shake out.
  11. Idk if its the update or if it was the pot of coffee I had before my lab this afternoon but does anyone else feel like the reticle/server feels way better. Anyone else noticing smoother aim?
  12. Lethul deserves a break from his chat. Just because he has witty/biting humor doesn't make him immune to that cancer. There's a difference between giving/getting shit from your friends and just being abused by hundreds of anonymous people. I'm not even a fan of his stream but I'm starting to get triggered the more people call him a hypocrite. I don't see him complaining. Just taking a few days off.
  13. they didn't leave because Halo 5 team arena has radar. They left because of halo reach and Halo 4 were uncompetitive and unfun games and anyone that might have given halo a third chance gave up after they bought an xbone and MCC just to play 10 games in the first 3 months. This is the most fun I've had playing a shooter since Halo 3 and CoD4.
  14. https://twitter.com/EDWSnip3down/status/772850116164067328
  15. Curious to see how turnouts look at the 3rd open event in 2 months. We need pros to show up to to these. They are the only way to add legitimacy and "aspiration". The idea of having a chance to go head to head with pros and make a name for yourself is a better motivator than money.
  16. Theres something magical about the feeling of sleeping in on Saturday morning and having a tournament to watch. The bad dubstep in the downtime remind me of the old IEM tournaments circa 2012.
  17. Frosty just hosted a guy after CLG LG ended and his reaction was awesome. I wish I wasnt watching on my box so I couldve clipped it. Just genuinely stoked. Pretty cool to see.
  18. Optic House stays woke. Don't confuse wakefulness with wokefulness, my dude. Bee and frog populations are declining at an alarming rate and frankly I'd be more alarmed if Maniac and Ace didn't know that.
  19. So who does lethul replace on nv when he jumps ship this time?
  20. Ranks "reset" The new season is called "Fall"
  21. When was the last time there was a tournament with more than 60 teams?
  22. Oh shit Louie, its eBenguin. I didnt know you were looking for a team. I have a to3 rn. I'll send you an invite next time were on.
  23. Is there a way to see past "recent games" using Halo5arena?
  24. When I first heard the plan to switch to a pro league I assumed that all of the pros would move to Burbank and they would play on LAN in studio, like they do for everything in Seoul. After a season with spectator mode and disconnects I wish they had gone that direction.
  25. any chance of you guys having a ladder or tourny online for seeding? Edit: not saying you should or that its disappointing if you didn't. Just curious.
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