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  1. Pretty amped. I think I'll be seeing some of you in Stl next month.
  2. It'd be more like if a rapper from a decade ago that a lot of people never listened to named himself after something from dragonball z and then a decade later someone else who also liked dragonball z named himself the same thing.
  3. I am going to boldly predict optic doesn't finish first this weekend.
  4. To clarify: i loved the games and the casting. It made me miss the game, I actually texted a friend to see when he could play this week. Even the disconnects I get, the quitting games is just really disappointing as spectator. You guys do great work, @@TheSimms
  5. Today is the first Halo I've watched in weeks. Disappointing.
  6. almost definitely the bronze is a booster for the champion. Edit: unless i missed an /s
  7. I've almost totally stopped playing. Barely having time between work and 3 labs this semester, the servers being total and utter dogshit, cod4rm and no real incentive in the ranking system stamps out most motivation. Hopefully that changes for me during break or next semester. This game is fun, and I'll fight anyone who disagrees. But its practically unplayable rn if you can only play a few games a week on shit internet matching to4 high onyx/champ. Until then you can find me sneaking in headquarters games on shipment.
  8. I've been kinda AWOL since OC. Is the perception nV is just better online or are they considered the best team as of today?
  9. Idk how its done now, but it'd be cool to see a "slaying title" each season. Do something like the total of per game averages of flag + SH + slayer to adjust for for series length.
  10. thanks <3 it was pretty surreal. Honestly I just feel a little betrayed by @@Commonly. He was coaching us Friday night and then turns around and beats us like that on Sunday :/ Ps: halo 5 on dedicated servers is something everyone should experience. Kreygasm
  11. Playing liquid on mainstage in an hour. Pls be nice in the chat my parents are watching :cryingMJ:
  12. There is only going to be 13 teams tomorrow :/ 4 pro teams, 8 ams and Aces team.
  13. Hey for anyone who cares, we made top 8 and are playing tomorrow in the championship bracket. First event, and its been an amazing experience. Some hiccups it seems like but the venue is great and honestly just really amped to come back tomorrow. Everyone has been really fucking cool and taken the time to talk with us, its just awesome to hangout with so many people who love competitive halo.
  14. Did nV end up scrimming E6 last night? I didn't see the result on halo data hive. Also, sorry Simms! My kitten pounced on me as I was scrolling through in bed this morning. I can assure you it was the most adorable accidental neg.
  15. Idk how viable it is technologically but I'd bet half or more pros have capcards. Get the rest set up with them and use skype screen sharing (already a sponsor) and just ditch spectator mode all together for h5. Elgoto is parntered with TB now, right? Why not HCS (too)? The only issue would be in games with amateur subs, but there is still 7/8 povs. Is this even close to viable or am I just crazy?
  16. I cant really understate how incredibly disappointing it is to hear how many pro teams aren't going to be there as someone who is going as a spectator first and competitor with the only real goal of not getting loser bracket round 1'd 2nd.
  17. Seeing tapping buttons doing well makes me feel a lot better about being about 99% sure he was someone from clg on a smurf the first few times I ran into him.
  18. Unpopular opinion: Splinters are absolutely overpowered. That said, they're the best addition to an otherwise stale grenade sandbox to date. Its pretty annoying to get directed with them, and they do seem to 'connect' more often than plasmas, but they're just so useful and powerful as a tool for changing map dynamics. The best splinter grenades don't even generally kill anyone, they keep someone alive. One shot p2 with an enemy p3? Unless you have a splinter to cut off a door and buy a second, you're dead. Capping nest on the rig and theyre flying from e1/e2? Splinter the jump box/over pass and you might have bought enough time to finish the stronghold. I did agree with them really toning down the number of them on maps, but I really enjoy having them in the game. Grenades have been pretty played out after a decade+
  19. pretty sure the twins said on the hcs listen in podcast that they have class after they get off work a few nights a week. I'm assuming they just asked to play last when possible to avoid conflicts.
  20. If I read the info right all 8 pro teams playing at OC and top 8 teams through the open play in a 16 team tourny Sunday. So far Lol's 4th has been able to play in pro league and the am cups, but it kinda seems like one of the top am teams are gonna be left in lurch next weekend :/
  21. 13,500 for this one. Over 17 for the rematch. I hope I'm wrong. I know of 3 people including myself that will have to watch it on the past broadcasts because of work/class.
  22. Someone more motivated and with more time than me this afternoon should run a poll to see who everyone is rooting for tonight and who people think will win.
  23. pretty sure just towey.Roy, Lunch and Victory have jobs Ninja lives with his gf I believe.
  24. I could see ALG taking the series if TL thinks they can challooonge against Contra and Dev and even Falacated.

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