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  1. North America -­ 13 years of age Latin America ­- 18 years of age Australia -­ 15 years of age New Zealand -­ 13 years of age Europe - 16 years of age
  2. Is the FFA playlist broken or 'ded'? The last few times I've searched I haven't found a game. Snipers in this are game just silly tbh. There just isn't really that high of a ceiling with that gun if everyone is spawning with it and unlimited ammo. You guys wanna talk about spawn traps, there's like 3 or 4 maps where you spawn with your brains on the wall behind you 3 or 4 times right in a row.
  3. I bet if someone was looking to debate that they could find people ready and willing in the settings or general discussion thread. Its honestly a little exasperating to see the same shit posts by the same people trolling for the exact same debate over and over.
  4. The silver lining is that 2 orgs that are generally liked and welcome in our scene are staying and with 4 pros going the am route we get to see more ams sprinkled in next season.
  5. There's a real chance that I'm one of five people, but I'm kinda bummed the HCS Listen In podcast is seemingly no more.
  6. Clothes and toiletries for a weekend. Then a controller, a microusb cord for said controller and a wired headset. I also reccommend a case of beer that's really dealer's choice. Edit: as far as schedule, usually its FFA friday, big open bracket saturday and then "championship sunday". So sunday is no guarantee but you should get 2 days of halo in.
  7. *Puts on tinfoil hat* If I'm reading the tea leaves correctly, I am nervous about EG pulling out of Halo. Roster turnover, sliding placings, poor return on in investment (the eg house that only towey lives in?? Lol, Wut?). Couple all that with EGs general downsizing the last year and Towey's cryptic "hardest decision of his life"? InControl left/was dropped by EG yesterday (today?), and he is one of the biggest western starcraft personalities. When naded's gf mentioned an org leaving the scene citing rostermania, I think it makes more sense that she was talking about EG. Losing Lethul and then Snipedown after such a dominant run probably leaves a bitter taste. Disclaimer: I've closed the last 3 nights in the bar and i think I've slept 5 hours since Friday, I'm on my phone and I've had a few glasses of bourbon so I take zero responsibility for any typos or how difficult this post was to read. Happy new year, teambeyond
  8. I think mikwen does things that compliment the rest of the team, there aren't a ton of players that take huge bites out of the map when they see an inch, so to speak. Not saying nV couldn't hypothetically replace him, but I think he does things in terms of pressuring that don't really pop out on a stat sheet other than more deaths and kills than most players. I think Frosty to nV would be a scary team, but narrative isn't as much fun because Frosty hasn't earned a rep for leaving a good situation for the best one.
  9. I'd rather we not delve into every terrible thing kids have ever said to one another in the history of halo. Cratos isn't the greatest guy ever. Okay, great. Let's move on.
  10. Lol never read the comments guys, c'mon. That's like day 1 stuff. That video was great PR for the scene. Pretty fortunate that they went to best event in recent memory.
  11. Snip3down is about to stream extermination. I'm curious to see how it plays, I couldn't find a lobby this afternoon in the custom browser.
  12. That was a weird/bad play, but they had that game all but locked up. It was like ~47-39 ish
  13. OG vs nV scrim tonight. Optic is up 2-1 as of right now, per !series
  14. Hey, mom! Look! I'm in Ninja's montage... dying 3 times... in 2 clips... from the same game
  15. I'm sorry but I'm just not as bummed as you guys. The servers have been way better for me since the update in Cowfuck, IA Finals got me excited for this game again the updated maps are a net positive (I'm loving the camo on empire) and nothing seems egregious like I've come to expect from these previews We have open LANs/Worlds coming up, and I'll be going to at least 1 Radar is at least acknowledged by 343 And while the hype is flowing for me I'm just gonna lay this out here: Halo 5 might be my favorite halo since 2 or 3 and I'm not even sure I like 3 better than it. I do like mechanics like thrust and stabilize and slide. I don't find them "clunky". In fact I barely notice doing them in game. I'm really curious to see who comes out as the clear top team in these new team changes. I hate to say that I can't imagine them challenging nV or OG any more than TL did last season, so I'll just directly imply it
  16. Circling back to halo, I'd love to see points brought back. That would help get ams involved and help fill out these open brackets. Hypothetically if I got top 16 at StL i would be way more invested in going out to Denver. Points are real rewards/incentives. Otherwise why would I as an am player even bother showing up for qualifying if there's only 7 NA slots and 8 pro teams and 30 teams at the event?
  17. Just topped off finals with a few shifts at the bar. Haven't looked at the thread all week. Where are we sitting with no radar/getting rid of eden slayer pls god pls
  18. Setting changes,dreamhacks, open tournaments, optic having something to prove. 2017 is going to be a good year for halo.
  19. It sucks, and I'm probably biased, but double reloads seemed to happen once a game on LAN in H3, let alone once in 3 different best of seven series with a less powerful weapon.
  20. I appreciate @@D3STR0Y3R914's doubling and tripling down at least lol

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