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  1. I don't know of any that aren't going yet. TL and nV are the only ones I cant think of that havent indicated they would but I don't think either have willingly missed a LAN.
  2. I would assume that if he competed in the US with an American team he would be considered NA and he could get around Mexico's ridiculous age restrictions.
  3. Not sure how to say this without sounding like I'm in Spartan-hate camp, but I much rather listen to Dan freak out than Spartan talk over people. Idk why, but it just aggravates me when he cuts people off before they finish their thoughts. I can deal with someone spazzing out. Related: Danoxide's bird is more obnoxious than anyone else on that team.
  4. A couple days late but the ranked/social are in dire need of adjustment. Skirmish and social slayer need to be separated. I love skirmish but I dashboard so goddamn fast when I'm trying to kick back and play obj and get eden slayer. Breakout, snipers and SWAT should be social, but I feel like there's some SWAT diehards that would lose their minds. Ffa has needed an overhaul since launch. Regret, Truth, Coli, Stasis, Tyrant and Empire with no power weapons or power ups would instantly make the playlist twice as enjoyable without it risking getting stale. I might write up something thought out if I'm still feel like yelling into the wind but honestly deep down I know this won't be heard. It's frustrating how almost amazing this game is.
  5. That's not even close to what I'm saying. I'm lamenting this with you. I don't honestly believe that ESL is happy about this situation. This is a no win situation for them because of a dumb fucking rule and a gutless manager/player. Again, I agree. It should be Bubu's team instead of Cratos'. But according to the language of a really poorly thought out rule, and a shady player and manager that's not the case. But I think its worth mentioning that Cratos' team would still almost definitely make it out of the Am bracket. But it seems like everyone would be happier if I logged off so I'll see you guys tomorrow. Hope everyone tunes into the streams today! It's been too long since I've had Halo that matters to watch.
  6. It's shitty. Yes. But this has somehow spiraled into "killing my interest in the scene" and suggestions of boycotting viewership. I'm NOT happy about this. Idk how anyone but plasmacasterpapi could really be happy about this, but I'm not going to lie and hyperbolize about how I won't tune because of it.
  7. I was under the impression that by doing this Cratos was forcing Bubu to 'retire' for the HWC season. If that's not the case then I think this is being a little over blown. Its pretty underhanded on the part of Cratos and Showtime, but as long as they aren't interfering with another teams ability to compete then I don't think you can say or do much as ESL other than fix the loophole so it doesn't happen again.
  8. Gamesmanship is one thing, but getting between someone and their livelihood is crossing a line. If Bubu is DQ'd from worlds or pro league than that's fucking over him, his teammates and any org that mightve represented them.
  9. lmao that shit drives me so nuts. He outshot a guy crouch with an AR and even had a shot left in his clip before he hit reload. If it was that bad all the time it would be one thing, but it just happens randomly and it still gives you hit markers.
  10. Looks like shotzzy to E6 is real. He's about to scrim with them right now at least.
  11. nV and OpticNinja's team vs E6 (maybe w/ shotzzy?) I'll update if I see more. Edit: PS vs TL
  12. First getting mopped by TL 4-0 on mainstage, then being featured in reoccurring role as a lifeless corpse in Ninja's montage and now this: The first picture on astrogaming.com/esports. It's been a big 4 month's for your boy eBenguin.
  13. 7-6 nV over PS. Honestly only watched the last game and a half, so I'll leave the write up to Deizul (sp?) but much closer than expected, surely.
  14. While I agree, at some point online has to matter. Pro league, qualifiers, EU relegation - all online. I hate that this the reality of the game, but it IS the reality of the game in its current state. Mini tirade aside, I think Naded's 4 could be good. Maybe never top 4, but potentially top 8.
  15. This and a 19 year old kid in my bio class reffered to Harry Potter as "the movie series". I turn 24 next week and have never in my life felt so old.
  16. There is something exciting about knowing that they're all going to be at the same LAN in less than 2 weeks. Wasn't there sports books taking bets on halo? I would be curious to see the odds going into StL. Optic and nV seems like a toss up, but TL getting 3rd almost seems like a lock 2 weeks out. I half expect if long odds like St8 or Crowd Pleasers snuck up and took top 4.
  17. 7-3 nV over TL as best I can tell. No idea if it is over or not though. edit: must still be going. nV just won truth ctf 3-0
  18. Players like Frosty and Shotzzy are why we have to have radar. Can you imagine seeing him drop basement door from drill and then trying to predict where he'll be in 3 seconds?
  19. Not really on topic but does anyone know when a hill resets on a "trade" and when it doesn't? Is it just the first person to get the melee who is registered as last alive? Or is it just random?
  20. The server stability outside of west coast business hours leaves something to be desired lately.
  21. Its hard to imagine the PS sticking together. What are the roster lock rules for the LAN season? If they disband after StL I could see this becoming a mess.
  22. Idk, maybe I'm wrong but I think having all the events award points and then giving the spots out based on final standings would make more sense and encourage people to show up to more events. Edit: the more I think about it, the change is at least a definite improvement. And asking an am team to go to every event is a bit far-fetched.

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