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  1. I understand that "we" don't like cratos but I honestly love watching Naded and Danoxide play. I can't help but kinda hope Panda qualifies. Its pretty stupid that there are only 7 NA teams qualifying given the parity in the top 5-9 or so imo.
  2. lol i didn't really explain that very well, the whole team is high in arena, so I was wondering if theyre grinding mm together in lieu of scrims most nights.
  3. I haven't been paying super close attention, do pro teams scrim Pnda? Last night naded was champ 1 and str8 sick and cratos were 4/5.
  4. I have bought every title in hopes that they'll be as good as the older ones. But I quit playing halo reach online about 2 months after it came out. I barely played halo 4 unless my roommate or old high school buddy asked me to play. MCC collection was probably the biggest disappoint I've ever had in terms of video games. I have over 20 days in h5. That's more than any game since h3 or cod4 and a lot more than hR, h4 and MCC combined. I don't play it cuz its "halo", I play it because its fun/rewarding.
  5. the theory on reddit is 343 minutes/games in customs. I can debunk both Have you messed around in forge? We need to get to the bottom of this cuz I'm an insane person who got up out of bed at 1am because I need to know why I don't have a meaningless aesthetic that I'm not going to equip.
  6. Looks like Pnda and nV (assuming nV wins) in the quarter finals.
  7. This is on EG. And I feel sick for them. This is the kinda fuckup that I would/do make. And its frustrating and I sympathize for them, but I don't really think its fair for Towey to try put blame on ME. It's not their job to hold EG's hand and its not their job to bend over backwards at the last minute or delay the whole tournament because they never so much as asked what they needed to do before this morning.
  8. As badly as I want another gametype I seriously doubt KotH would work in H5. Take coli for example, can you think of 1 hill location that wouldn't be immediately naded out and cleared up with cross map sight lines? Top rockets? Courtyard? Back/bottom green? I think assault is the closest to working right now.
  9. I'm watching Snip3downs past broadcast and nV +subs was getting farmed in Warzone Warlords And you guys are telling me they beat TL 12-1?
  10. Hey @@RyaNoob and @@Clicked, both of you guys make great content and I think you guys together would be the best Halo 5 content to date. I love videos that let me believe that I might be better after I watch them. Ryan, I love your channel and recommend it (not as phrase, I literally link people to your channel) to anyone in onyx or diamond who is trying to get better. But 100% honest feedback, I would much rather you spent a little time on your videos. Something as simple as going back and just cutting out some of the empty parts of videos and little misteps with the theater mode would go a long ways. Thanks for the #content
  11. I mean sure, we've all wanted to do it occasionally, but I think its pretty rude of the sound guy to just mute Strongside mid stream.
  12. It never occurred to me that OG or nV might not both make the finals. But TL looks super strong this series.
  13. Hand sanitizer probably. I've heard of players using it to dry their hands. The alcohol evaporates really fast. Watching top teams play top teams reminds why I love this game. So hyped lol
  14. Pretty clever move on Elimite's part encouraging the Ninja fans to spam emotes. Good way to weed out any of his fans just joining stream. Heil Moobot.
  15. Random thought, but I wish Flamesword and Maniac did make a team for these opens. Imagine having OG's viewerbase interested in our Am scene and maybe even getting a few of them to "aspire" to making it as a halo player. I would have actually be interesting in watching that series myself.
  16. Wow I thought that the interview was perfect and am pretty sure it was partially planned. If you're gonna put him in front of a mic that's what you're hoping/expecting. #teamDan Just based on my experience at OC, the whole closed server process seems arduous. Even just getting players' controller settings right sometimes took 2 tries.
  17. They should/need player name for the POVs. Its extra work but if they're not going to make profiles for each am player in their server then that's what they need to do. Not only for the viewer experience but for the players and their friends/family. Imagine if you're an am player who gets to play on the mainstage and you get this.
  18. idk about sleeping on them. I'm just worried how Shotzzy and Falacated do. The Am bracket will be a grind and then if they make it through they're rewarded with playing pros on LAN. Top 8 would be a very promising placing for them imo.
  19. No one is sponsored by Elites (Microsoft), but a ton of pros are sponsored by Scuffs, so that's probably why you hear so much about them from pros. I can't speak to which is better, but I love my Elite and at the same time very thankful I got the warranty (RIP LB)

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