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  1. If there was several months notice I would 100% be there. My ideal weekend getaway would be driving to Chi to play a round or 2 before getting pooped on and then spending the rest of the weekend watching Halo. I really wish I wasn't a broke teen back in the glory days of MLG.
  2. Wow the reticile lag on missed scatter/shotguns makes me feel like I'm watching my own film for a second.
  3. Burnout isn't like being winded from running. Its not about endurance, its psychological stress "characterized by exhaustion, lack of enthusiasm and motivation, feelings of ineffectiveness, and also may have the dimension of frustration or cynicism, and as a result reduced efficacy..." It'd be more like doing chest day twice in a row, but even that's a terrible analogy. But the idea is that you really aren't doing yourself any favors by over doing it after a certain point. I'd be happy to debate this more in pms if you really want, but I strongly believe that coming into practice fresh and with a healthy mindset is more beneficial than just getting extra shots does and I'll leave it at that.
  4. This is a generalization. Burnout is real, and (maybe just because I'm not 16 anymore) it seems especially prevalent in h5. Quality practice with teammates goes a lot further imo.
  5. Honestly thought they were going by "Optics season 1 relegation opponent" Are you guys telling me nightbot lied to me in Contra's chat?
  6. Was about to mention how the production of the CSGO on TBS was great, then they had to quit a game because of some technical issue. Lol esports have come so far, but still have so far to go.
  7. APG was in a car accident and suffered a concussion. Assault subbed for him in the last chance qualifiers. Afterward, when they qualified with Assault, APG said it wouldn't be fair to the team or Assault to take his spot back with them earning a spot in pro league without him. edit: slow
  8. I didnt play h2 online, just on the couch with my friends. CE was way before my time. CE: N/a 2: N/a 3: 8 Reach vanilla: 2 Nbns: 5 4: 6 MCC: completely broken, N/A 5:8
  9. but its not totally unfavorable for the other team. The powerups/weapons are neutral and every team has a gameplan. It'll be interesting how teams will gameplan for a team whose tendencies and gameplan is already known. Its not an asymmetrical map, but the example that comes to mind is: naded goes car1 to top mid for PP on regret, so a team (Liquid i think?) sent 2 top mid right away. Edit: the front base to bridge jump**
  10. I'd like to see all 8 make the championship tournament, using the seeding from the league standings. Then the last place team from the tournament and the last place team from the standings have to face relegation. I think taking advantage of the tournament to draw out relegation drama would be really great to watch.
  11. Its really fun for me watching these nerdy movements and jumps becoming more and more incorporated in the meta. I didn't find halo until h3, but I bet this was similar to the button glitches going from a weird trick to try in custom games into game defining mechanics at higher levels.
  12. So will pro league be played online every week, or are all the teams spending the summer in CA?
  13. way late to respond, but some players are just way more comfortable playing with a power weapon in their hands. I've had teammates like it in the past and honestly I rather them playing in a way that theyre comfortable with than trying to make sure everyone gets their "turn" or something. The otherside of that coin: the guy that asks you to drop your sniper is the worst dude in the world to play with. Edit: goddamn theyre/their
  14. Pretty surprised at how many people have Str8 Rippin' going through.
  15. Round 1 bye, round 2 win over diamonds, round 3 no show. Top 16 Kappa
  16. I was gonna play Roy and Snipedown in ro16 but they got bounced. At least I didn't goose in on stream in front of 800 viewers.
  17. HCS/Optic aside, watching Naded viciously and nerdily slay mid-onyx is a pleasure.
  18. I can't really speak for the population size, but doubles has always been my favorite playlist. The only reason I stomached Reach and h4 was for the doubles. Shit, doubles in h3 is what pulled me away from cod4.
  19. The same playlist that's been coming soon since January?
  20. It took ffa swat to remind me of the true meaning of halo. Its not winning or losing, or succeeding with friends/a team, or even climbing ranks. Its only ever really been about hearing that voice call out your multi kill medals.
  21. Is there a reason they don't play assault? Has it not been added yet or already removed?
  22. how did Ola break his hand? I wasn't paying attention for a long while.

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