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    Possible OT but is there a teambeyond spartan company? And is there any room left? Haha
  2. I think old pro/up in comer is an interesting dilemma. You see it all the time in sports, and the answer (or general consensus made by GMs seems to vary by the sport). In baseball you see teams throw tons of money at older players who they know will never approach the numbers they were posting in their earlier years just because its so hard to hit on prospects, and even if you do get lucky and find a star it could takes years to develop them. Football is the complete opposite. Building through the draft is accepted as the only realistic way to build a championship team and throwing money at free agents is a risk that rarely works (see:eagles and dolphins). Even the Broncos (who picked up Peyton as F/A) won by drafting and developing a historic defense. In regards to ALG making a roster change halfway through season 1 of pro league, I think Heinz is a smart pickup. His best days are (probably) behind him, but he's an upgrade at the position (if objective players is a position that still exists) and has proven he can play with and against top 8 level players. Ps I'm typing this on my phone so sorry if there's typos and/or its difficult to read.
  3. Would you (anyone) recommend the controller upgrade? Does it make a bigger difference than a monitor or a headset? I have both sitting in my closet from h3, but I also don't wanna tip my hand to my gf to how big of a dork she moved in with.
  4. This week is the week for NA roster changes too, no? I'm a little shocked the danoxide pickup was the only change.
  5. I'd kinda get a kick outta seeing how Jimbo faired on a top 8 NA team. But that would be a very expensive experiment for someone that didn't have a team house.
  6. Hot takes #1 Cavs win Sunday, becoming the first team in NBA history to come back from down 1-3 and cementing Lebrons place as one of the greatest all time. #2 nV Takes CLG to game 5 next week, Lethul makes witty comment implying that almost losing is still winning.
  7. Do I bench Huke against CLG, or do I keep riding him and hope he has a big week and that others over thought it and benched him? Hmm.
  8. i hate the "actually" guy but this has been going around today and bugged the shit out of me. Aaaactually, Love had his hand up because he had just committed a shooting foul on (i think Klay?) who was putting up a put-back and Lebron is just telling Love to box out.
  9. This Edan slayer would be pretty unwatchable without player outlines imo
  10. It seems like they definitely have listened to a lot of the criticisms from last week. Also, does the spectator mode seem to be a little less ass?
  11. I'm not sure when it happened but there came a point where I decided streams were better when I closed the chat. About the same time I stopped reading youtube comments and the political facebook memes posted by classmates from high school.
  12. New as in old? Or new as in newer to halo? I personally don't care for the spnkers in h5, just seems like I'm always choking when other players are sliding and thrusting and floating.
  13. There are like over 50mil Americans that live in PST. It sucks that its so late for you guys but its just the reality of live shows in the US. People on East coast don't get to see Golden State games unless they're insane or don't wanna keep their jobs. We have to get up ungodly early on Saturday of all days to watch premiere league. It sucks, but at least there's free VODs?
  14. This might be the 3rd Ketel One talking, but I'm really looking forward to EG/CLG. I think EG has a better chance than anyone to take a series off CLG imo.
  15. Individually are there 4 players that sum total is better than CLG? I'm not sure. But I am sure that if that team existed it wouldn't beat CLG in a series. CLG seems to be the kind of team whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Which is pretty terrifying.
  16. The EU thing is a bit weird and frustrating, buuuut, there is pro Halo on tonight and I know who's playing, when it will be and roughly how long it'll last. Big picture this week is the first step in a great direction for Halo fans.
  17. only speaking for myself, pxp is generally not great casting in halo just because the kills happen so fast and often that it just becomes noise. Just really looking ahead to things like powerups and weapons and keep us locked in on obj is really the important things. Obviously multikills and sprees are hype and deserve being called out. My only other (hopefully constructive) criticism is just really be judicious with the 3rd person. I liked it when you were showing map positions with outlines in stalemates and on flag runs, but thats really the extent of it. Missing people using power weapons is kind of a bummer (see royal2 over).
  18. I bet that triple kill wouldve been cool to see edit: Or Royal 2s over
  19. I'm sure this has been said hundreds of times, but whoever is behind Halo5Arena.com is a goddamn hero. I really hope in the coming weeks ESL can use graphics to illustrate some of the data to add to commentary/analysis and tell a story. Just a ton of possibilities.
  20. Doesn't optic play tonight? Have they really not officially picked up a 4(APG)th?
  21. Idk if we/I could go back to H3 now anyway. I loved that game but when I play it in MCC it feels like I'm an astronaut training with NASA in a spacesuit at bottom of some pool in Florida. Things like sliding and and stabilizing just seem so essential to the core gameplay to me now.

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