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  1. watching summit play tonight has been heartening. it looks good on MKB, and he is playing to do well. the MKB vs controller should be interesting, but it scares me that controller might be better just because it's an easy cop out for MKB players.
  2. I voted for updated halo 5 honestly, but it got me thinking that what I really want is just more variety.
  3. Honest question: why couldn't we do both? A mix of 2A and 3.
  4. Can we start recklessly speculating who is going to replace Huke? If I had one guess I'd say Ace, but there's a lot of young talent.
  5. Idk how you'd do it, but I would pay for a way to look live, during the game, at the in game stats that it sounds like the casters can see.
  6. I came to say that I was bummed I couldn't make it to dreamhack or even watch it this weekend but that am loving the VOD tonight, only to find us complaining about the prizes of local tournaments. Lol never change TB. Any tips on how to convince your gf that she actually wants to celebrate her birthday in a convention center in denver?
  7. lack of crowd noise is a pet peeve of mine, I can't help but feel like a weirdo when my gf comes home from work to me chilling with T2 and Elamite and his giggles. It feels really sterile. Like when you watch basketball and lebron dunks in an arena outside of ohio people still react viscerally, but when I see something sick in pro league and react to it it feels empty or awkward compared to when I see something on LAN and can hear a hundred other nerds oooh and aaah.
  8. "Dan to Str8 would make me so happy" he typed in his Str8 hoodie. Random request, but I'd appreciate if a few people who don't mind being brutally honest and would dm me I'd appreciate it.
  9. When was Daytona first announced? I really had no idea it was coming up, I'm just hearing about it 2 weeks out. How many teams are they expecting?
  10. and while I disagree I can respect where that's coming from. But I would like it if we waited to cull one of the few new things that might be of merit for the sake of "classic" halo. Let's start with what we generally agree is bad, like nade hitmarkers, AR starts and radar.
  11. Sorta feels like I'm the only person who would rather start by making the AR a pickup and completely removing radar but keeping movement the same. Imo the movement takes some skill, has some punishment if its abused/misused and more than anything its fun
  12. Can we fire up the Bravo stream and it just be Huke's POV?
  13. "I just want nV to win because they seem to be the team that can push Optic the furthest." -unbiased guy with nV sig
  14. Yet here I am, genuinely enjoying the stream this weekend
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