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  1. Day 6: My buddy is banned because his game crashed again. I'm still fighting off spawn on behemoth, the only map in ranked. Hope is waning.
  2. I'm a fucking boomer and can't figure out how to embed a tweet from mobile but I guess Formal is dropped from Faze Halo and Formal thinks it's because Snipedown is taking his spot.
  3. I believe Penguin, Eco, Stellur and Renegade with Hoaxer as coach
  4. I watched maybe the first 3 games last night against G2. Royal 2 played too slowly, Frosty bitched constantly while top fragging, Lethul was work shopping material for open mic night and PJ was trying really hard to be constructive and get everyone on the same page. And the games didn't look close. It was I was back in 2017
  5. I don't think a halo game that inherently rewards team play is bad, but I also refute that players are "individually useless". Fights are drawn out cuz of the slow ttk, but it gives you time to outplay. I'm old and washed and I'm not having a lot of trouble carrying my mkb CS buddies through diamond. The aiming feels fine after you play 15 games or so and remember how to use a joystick again. The power weapons feel really strong and the fact that they are slow is probably not a bad thing from a balance perspective. I don't even think the no-collisions affects cqc much unless both players didn't notice each other until they're on top of each other; but it does make scaling with teammates kind of scuffed and I hope they change it back. I feel like I'm constantly inside my friends, and we don't even have that kind of relationship. There are things that can definitely be improved but this is a really fucking solid game. The lack of content is what is going to be the death of this game, not the gameplay.
  6. did they give an explanation why shields regen while sprinting now?
  7. Im not sure how much is not playing fps on controller in years and how much is the game but aiming doesn't feel super comfortable yet. Game honestly doesn't feel terrible on mkb, and sliders seem to make a big difference on the controller. Honestly the more I play the better I feel. I somehow played 5 hours last night without meaning to. Which hasn't happened to me in a FPS in years. I don't love the maps, strongholds get capped way too fast and I feel like chasing kills is somehow better than it should be but I'm getting good games in ranked and having fun. It feels like a good middle ground between halo 5 and classic halos. I even think bloom works well for the commando and pistol (even if it doesn't work well for me). There needs to more added to multi-player when the game fully launches next month but honestly I think this is a promising start. edit: anyone else not able to crouch or see the scoreboard in like 75% of games?
  8. watching summit play tonight has been heartening. it looks good on MKB, and he is playing to do well. the MKB vs controller should be interesting, but it scares me that controller might be better just because it's an easy cop out for MKB players.
  9. I voted for updated halo 5 honestly, but it got me thinking that what I really want is just more variety.
  10. Honest question: why couldn't we do both? A mix of 2A and 3.
  11. Can we start recklessly speculating who is going to replace Huke? If I had one guess I'd say Ace, but there's a lot of young talent.
  12. Idk how you'd do it, but I would pay for a way to look live, during the game, at the in game stats that it sounds like the casters can see.
  13. I came to say that I was bummed I couldn't make it to dreamhack or even watch it this weekend but that am loving the VOD tonight, only to find us complaining about the prizes of local tournaments. Lol never change TB. Any tips on how to convince your gf that she actually wants to celebrate her birthday in a convention center in denver?
  14. lack of crowd noise is a pet peeve of mine, I can't help but feel like a weirdo when my gf comes home from work to me chilling with T2 and Elamite and his giggles. It feels really sterile. Like when you watch basketball and lebron dunks in an arena outside of ohio people still react viscerally, but when I see something sick in pro league and react to it it feels empty or awkward compared to when I see something on LAN and can hear a hundred other nerds oooh and aaah.
  15. "Dan to Str8 would make me so happy" he typed in his Str8 hoodie. Random request, but I'd appreciate if a few people who don't mind being brutally honest and would dm me I'd appreciate it.
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