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  1. im super active on twitter in regards to Halo and the community. but i hope you guys can listen to Goldenboy tonight, really good insight. on his twitch
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if 343 brought back a classic art style, while adding new abilities like wall running and super sprint. Then claiming it has the "classic feel" because of the artwork.
  3. Honestly, if the announcement isn't classic Halo I think I might be done with the game. I have no interest in a BR mode. I'd rather just play Fortnite. I also highly doubt the longevity of a BR Halo mode. I really hope it's on PC. Competitive console gaming is not the future. I don't really want to play another version of H5 for 5 years. The competitive scene is dying while other games are growing significantly. It took 343 way too long to make the correct changes and if they come out with H5 2.0, I have no trust that they will make the game people want. Sorry to be so negative, just wanted to share my thoughts before E3.
  4. Don't have the experience in the industry, but as a software engineer I feel like I understand. This mentality is so frustrating. I feel like I've had the same experience in a different setting but I feel you.
  5. Random, but a part I'm a member of a discord of a pretty popular IRL streamer. They have a section for Halo Online where people are playing together. It's so obvious people crave classic Halo. I really hope 343 realizes this. It almost seems like I'm just repeating something obvious, but then you see guys like Ghostayame and Neighbor post about classic Halo and you realize it's not looking good.
  6. guys wearing a suit playing games i didnt know that was my definition of success until i saw it
  7. Yeah, saying "they just use gimmicks, shoot, and throw grenades" is quite the over simplification. Acting like they have no strategy is pretty silly. They just beat a team who was dominant for two years and worked their asses of to win for a third year. Splyce has perfected the way Halo 5 was meant to be played. I think a lot of the talk about how they don't practice is more because they don't really talk a lot. People hear one quote and run with it without full context.
  8. might be awkward with interviews and on stage but i think theyre going to get used to it. new world champs boys.
  9. That was all just losers semis as well. Great day of Halo, MLG is back, and Ninja hosted. Drama is part of the event...excited for the next few hours! Possibly see 3 Bo7 series of Splyce/Tox
  10. Imagine this is like the Oscars where they call the teams back and we redo game 7
  11. Man, enough with the analysis. It's way over done and then we get a break after. Game was said to start at 11:30, we're 15 minutes past that and into a break before game 1.
  12. Confidence doesn't win games, connecting melees do. Players should have that mentality for sure, but it shouldn't be because the game is broken.
  13. But what he said is 100% true. And it's not just random complaining, his team had a substantial lead and had to do a full restart because of this. I'd hope MLG wouldn't be petty about things like that, especially with Adam coming on here apologizing and saying "We can do better". I'm sure there is more behind the scenes that we don't know.
  14. What's frustrating to me is that I am sure internally, 343 looks at numbers like this and thinks that they should focus on Warzone over competitive. But competitive settings were never given a chance. We had pros playing with ARs forever. By the time they switched to better settings, the game was old and people moved on. I understand the bottom line is money, but surely looking at top eSports, competitive games can make money. It just has to be done right. And with Microsoft clearly willing to invest a good amount into Halo....it's so possible to bring Halo back to the top. But I just don't know what direction 343 is going and I'm afraid it isn't what we want. They have really improved lately though, so there's a chance.
  15. I think @@Onset and Bravo did a great job commentating the finals. Really made the experience even better. Great job guys!
  17. If people could stop going to the hospital, that would be great.
  18. Because Halo 5 isn't that great of a game, the game is old, there has been more talking than gameplay, and nearly every series has been a 3-0. With that said I'm still excited for this series lol
  19. The first round match ups will be good. Great way to start the day. Really hope Stellur recovers but whatever it is sounds pretty bad.
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