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  1. Feel like 100T and Fnatic could end up getting a good roster based on what Formal does. Could see 100T trying to build a team around him and throw him the bag or Formal moving to a team means good players will get dropped in a roster mania type situation. It's risky, but I also understand that if you get a roster like G2 you probably aren't playing to win the event, where if you wait you might be able to field a roster with that potential.
  2. The way C9 plays Halo is so fun to watch. Pznguin and Stellur did so well in Game 5
  3. I'm up I guess I am used to getting up early for football on Sundays. Outside of them not streaming actual games for the BTB match (which is an obvious problem), I really enjoyed watching the BTB stuff and think it's great to keep casual people watching and to get engagements on social media. I thought it was a lot of fun and actually hope they continue to have stuff like that in the future.
  4. i think that is the worst part. absolutely no way this is getting fixed this weekend. theyve known about these issues for weeks. and at this point its a game issue not a hardware issue. devs cant just hotfix.
  5. Pros: 57k viewers for the opening act Cons: Game can't run
  6. I'm surprised to see people still excusing SEN. They did it, they got caught, they didn't admit to it and abused everyone, and then got an official statement. They then started abusing the organization that banned them. They had MANY opportunities to do the right thing. Even if R2 just forgot. This is after other pros accused them of going too far and being assholes on a personal level. Doesn't really seem too far fetched. To me this is an obvious egg on their face situation and don't have the maturity to own up to it. Enough with the excuses and Lethul's whataboutism to everything. If you can't see through the act at this point, it's on you.
  7. i mean, isn't that how this works? they have data they are confident enough in that shows he cheated. they do not have definitive proof, but definitive proof can be very hard in a situation like this. they obviously had to run this through lawyers and their process had to be vetted by lawyers.
  8. Did the 12/8 update provide a lot of positive changes for multiplayer? Watching the three tournaments were rough for various reasons and 343 said we should see changes but haven't seen a lot of commentary on that.
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