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  1. mid conference ass trailer, no gameplay this whole cortana shit getting played out
  2. Yall know they gon fuck up reach by not putting the title update in right
  3. Your a fool if you believe 343 can make a good Halo Game after all these years. Halo 4, Cancer. MCC, broken for many years. Halo 5, ass. What, you think they magically gon get their shit together for this game? I'll be damned.
  4. halo 3 and halo 5s aiming both are trash but i prefer halo 3s because there isnt no input lag, unlike halo 5.
  5. Its cap. Said the same god damn thing about Halo 4/5
  6. Pathetic. I feel so blown when I see people say that Halo 5 is the best halo gameplay wise and has the "tightest" controls.
  7. Yo, so im seeing that 343 is implementing modern aiming for MCC? It looks great. Where they ever able to fix Halo 5's shitty aiming?
  8. This man is speaking pure facts and yall are downvoting him This company has failed 3 times at making a decent Halo game, the 4th time will not be the charm Dont get your hopes up, this game WILL be a piece of shit, won't be surprised if the aiming is still trash
  9. yall are fools if you get your hopes up for this Halo being decent

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