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  1. Bad, not a constant 30fps. Probably 20-30fps looks bad also
  2. Well the game looks and feels terrible on OG xbox one, running at only 30fps. Halo 3 MCC feels and looks better than this. Aiming is better than halo 5 tho
  3. For a second i thought I was on Halo Waypoint
  4. 343 has some massive problems internally judging by the reviews......
  5. We dont, its just funny to see another way how 343 can fuck Halo Up. And this was supposed to be the big showing out of the "POWER" of the Series X So everyone was expecting something amazing
  6. Swear to god Sometimes I watch my Halo 5 Beta clips just to reminisce..................
  7. Lol, yeah Halo 5 was struggling with this problem.
  8. Surprisingly graphics have been the one thing 343 hasnt been terrible at, with Halo 4 and 5 looking decent. But the fact that this was the main showing of the power of the Series X means alot was riding on how this shit looks lol
  9. LOL This is 343 we talking about and you trying to use logic
  10. You must have just gotten here if you believe any thing out of 343s mouth
  11. Stop. The game has been in development for 5 years. All this covid shit started in february. This was the year for polish of the game
  12. 5 Fucking years for this shit. And they say theres no sequel for infinite and they want to support this game for 10 fucking years. This piece of shit looking game? Bet a whole bunch of features are going to be missing at launch as well
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