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  1. Hello,

    My name is Matthew. I have been gaming since I was about 3 years old and really got into Halo when I was 11. I started Halo 2 and have climbed my way in skill ever since.

    Competitively: I have never completed in any team related tournaments. I do a lot of Free For All to see how well I stack up with my recent tournament I managed to get 3rd place.

    I'm really looking to get into the competitive scene. For long I have masked my willing ambition to play competitively because I often enjoy the laid back style of gaming, but now I find myself not ever gaming with anyone, or if I do its very rare. 

    I am a main slayer at heart. It's where I thrive as a Halo player, I like to think I can be an all around player, but slaying is more of my forte (On a good day! Haha)

    I am an Onyx player who believes I have champion capabilities. I managed to make my way to a champion in FFA this past season for Halo 5. I enjoy what I do for Halo, and it has a very meaningful place in my heart.

    I'm a 22 year old gamer with part time college and part time work, school is not an issue however my job makes it so my days of availability vary, however my job is very flexible and I can request off for weekends at any time if need be to get a good amount of practice in, or if I get to that point. compete in tournaments.

    If you find me intriguing enough my GT is Crewman X and we can schedule a good time to meet up and play games to see if we fit. I prefer those who are similar in my age, and won't yell at their teammates. I can respect criticism but blatant yelling like a mammoth I will not deal with. Please feel free to check out my service record on Halo Waypoint. 

    Thank you all for your time and happy gaming,



  2. Hey! 

    I go by Crewman IX which is my gamertag, but most call me Crewman. I have never officially competed in any events for pro gaming, and I have always been encouraged to do so, but because of my lack of confidence in myself I never tried.

    I believe in myself now.

    I'm looking to compete for HCS pro league. I'm looking for a steady group of four who are dedicated enough and mature enough to endure the trials of competing in the first place. This means I will not team up with fifteen year olds who cry and scream at their teammates every match when something goes wrong. I am a CL for a gaming community for Halo in my spare time as well as working delivering pizza. I do have time to practice and I'm more dedicated than ever to compete. If you are interested contact me on xbox by adding me. 

    I look forward to the opportunity, 

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