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  1. I’ve seen a lot of birth announcements over the last year +.....so Happy Father’s Day to all the dads here
  2. I can see removing spartan charge punishing sprint more and therefore slowing down people from rushing into situations. Ground pound....you can now fall off the map easier so you don’t try to make quite as crazy plays...but that’s a stretch
  3. That seems pretty soon for the amount of details that have been released. I really have no reference for how this occurs in other games, but it’s odd to me.
  4. It’s odd to me that there is so much depth in settings/options and so little willingness to test them openly (I have no idea what happens behind the scenes).
  5. It’s a fine line to walk of saying what ‘everyone‘ thinks and still being respectful to the teams. I honestly think you’re point is a good one that he should consider but he’s new and should also be given the chance to adjust to feedback.
  6. I’m really glad to see so many series not being 4-0. It makes it feel so much more competitive to have both teams win at least one game
  7. Possible infused lb run to knock rec out of 4th is the best chance for a major upset to me.
  8. Which 2 teams in the top 8 could they beat? Maybe elevate? Edit: Oh and they would also need to be better than OS.
  9. Possible shoutout to the ghost melee for making this statement true (it obviously might have been true anyway)
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