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  1. Wth..went to watch the rebroadcast on xb1 and says not available on this platform :/
  2. The least they could do is change radar to when you Sprint or use Spartan abilities then you show up. I'm for no radar but I would be happy if we succeeded with getting either one done
  3. I hope Mikwen is right and maybe it will help. Watching these tourneys is still fun but it would be 10x better not seeing people crouch all the time. I definately will not watch anymore if halo 6 competitive has radar, But maybe...just maybe it will be fixed by then. Also I believe LOL is going to fly in and take that number 4 spot by the end of the season
  4. 2 things: 1) East Coast lans 2)Partner with MLG (we all know the benefits this would have) Edit: I do love how we do have more open lans now I just wish more pros would go and the 2 suggestions is just for the growth of the community and the competitive scene
  5. Yeah I have not lagged out of a game in almost 5 months and the past 4days I've lagged out of 6 and it seems like most games are laggy as fk and the frame rate is slow
  6. I hope them 3 stick together lmao cause who would want to team with players that are considered "pro" when they act like kids
  7. Im just ready to see the final roster lock and get back to pro league even though it was a let down for season 1, I'm sure season 1 will be better!
  8. Str8 rippin,triggerz down,FB, instinct. This clg team wouldn't win any of the mlg tournaments in halo 3
  9. Pretty much all but confirmed. Nv with huke played a ton of arena today
  10. I did like the team of snip3down stellur suspector eco that they did in the tourney but I would honestly like to see Spartan or naded in place of eco and then it would be Snipedown suspector stellur Spartan/naded or hell snipedown suspector naded spartan. They're all interesting teams to say the least
  11. Or snipedown suspector contra Devon The possibilities are endless and I can't wait for rostermania and the finals!
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