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  1. so why does your opinion matter in the least? you give 343 a hard time yet were all in denial during the 4
  2. H2 > CE > NBA > H3 > College BBall > Reach > College FBall > H4 > NFL > H2A > Olympic Table Tennis > MCC > Extreme Ironing > H5
  3. steph curry is a phenom, i doubt he'll change the game because we won't see anyone shoot 3 pointers like he does for a long time
  4. why do some Americans hate the idea of fairer society? we have free healthcare, free education, social housing, and crime is lower, infant mortality is lower, old people live longer, etc. but in america this is seen as some sort of heresy
  5. there's no doubting his ability, he's easily top 2, but watching streams it just seems weird how much he lectures/rages probably says more about me tbh
  6. Holy Shit Snakebite is the biggest complainer. The way he speaks to his teammates is actually cringe, no point in time is he responsible for any wrong plays.
  7. so the real problem is that Halo 5 total population is too low for specialized playlists. remember when they tried to say that the population wasn't an issue? 343 literally just lie all the time to hide from their own incompetence. @@Deez @@Bravo @Tashi Why aren't you addressing these issues? Why aren't you admitting that your vision is wildly unpopular?
  8. i feel like nV should only be scrimming TL, OG and Splyce. They destroy low tier teams too much, not quality practice
  9. Disagree, nV have been clearly the number 2 team, anyone would accept an offer. They'd be silly not to, it would make TL or Splyce weaker depending on who they take.
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