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  1. @Brother John Will do my man thanks for the suggestion I always enjoy waching Halo montage videos, and I get what your saying about the songs not having a "chill" tone to them and but maybe I misinformed what I meant by "chill", like not crazy editing just some gameplay, music and minimal editing. Looking forward to completing this and other projects and sharing them here
  2. Haha thanks man, but you don't ever chill and listen to EM? The songs used in these videos are all about being the best I think they fit pretty well :P
  3. Some new footage from my Introtage, please remember to not comment on syncage with music these are unedited sneak peaks not completed montage material so please treat these as that. ALSO DON'T FORGET FULLSCREEN @ increased game volume
  4. Thanks guys as I said I've done litterly no editing to this video, I will of course sync the music better with this song plus all the others, I just threw together a few clips and a song just to get a few clips out there. I'll keep you updated when I actually get it fully edited and ready to see, theres not much here yet, but thanks for watching and commenting, helps us starting out ALOT!
  5. What do you mean like total players in an area for specific videos games? I'm curious as to why you are looking for this info. Or do you just want to get those games sales stats which are avaialble online freely through google and other means.
  6. First time ever putting clips together got 1000s probally saved up, going to edit small chill montages I like to call flowtages without super editing (though some) that just playout sooo good. Lots of editing and work left to do here but a start just to get my name out there a small bit maybe This is not even 1% of the final montage and is a dev build I also suggest going full screen, I tried to watch imbeded video and its way better bigger or fullscreen (will be required for actual video its in 1080) The mood really changes after this first song, then it goes into some Halo 2/3 clips that I really enjoy merged with the rest of the Halo 5 gameplay theres still lots of that too. I just want some views and friends to play with now that I'm back at it hard again. Want to meet some people and this seems like a good place to do so, so I'm going to stick around posts updates here and there and release a great first montage to intorduce myself to the community and hopefully grow as a Halo player and play on a team in some events coming up. I got the framework and knowledge just need to people to play with who are also on that level.
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