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  1. that guy behind him to his right looks like Samwell Tarly and Ace had a baby.
  2. Yea... that thread is a perfect example why this thread is the only one i go to on TB.
  3. https://clips.twitch.tv/BlitheShortPastaBrainSlug snakebite embarrassing mikwen
  4. anyone catch what Snip3down had to say? I missed it...
  5. a lot of them did... Allegiance is gone, no Cloud9 not that they ever stayed for that long, E6 left, Denial
  6. for me it was when he took to twitter to trash his teammates.
  7. Great write up, albeit a bit long. Hope to see ALG come back to Halo. hope to see Halo change.
  8. what...? you think tripppey is a better pick up than cratos?
  9. Not sure why people are still hopeful for H3A. I mean i understand the desire but its not realistic.
  10. damn... wtf is up with people booing optics competitors. Im an optic fan and its so embarrassing.
  11. is your life really that pathetic you have to dig up this type of shit?
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