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  1. I looked really hard at your picture and noticed something was off...
  2. While thought of 2gre's return is awesome, I think you have to look at this more straight forward...it's obviously the return of CallMeGod from Halo3.
  3. Ohh LG Team Chair...I know Ninja needs another team chair. He's got like 3 so far right? C9, Liquid, EG? He's got quite the collection going on.
  4. This wins the internet. I only have one bit of curiosity (it also could have been mentioned already), and it is purely based on nostalgia....but why oh why was Walshy's face not put on Uncle Jesse?
  5. Dammit....I was trying to get it done before I left work at 4. That's what I get for rushing.
  6. I think I might have a way to persuade them... @@LethuL This could be yours if you convince the team to show up to Vegas.
  7. Now that's what I'm talking about. That looks pretty solid.
  8. Could be just me and the fact that I haven't had my coffee yet, but a few tweaks and this is actually a pretty cool concept. Give it the TL shade of blue with a similar glow to the Master Control skins, make the grip white, throw the logo (true logo...that smiley face does give it some character though lol) on there, and you could have something.
  9. Funny that you mention Dave Chappelle...he was my first thought when this whole thing was brought up.
  10. I have an understanding of general networking, but since I don't really know how these online servers that they use work...is my understanding correct that they could potentially have each of the 8 individual players, playing on different servers?
  11. Completely agree. Ninja seems to cut through the twin bickering and give his input. He explained it really well in an interview that regardless of the arguments about plays nothing is ever taken personally and it's a good way to grow as a team.

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