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  1. "The data do show that starting around the Diamond level, the effectiveness of the AR does not increase with skill. Correcting for skill shows that top players aren’t any more effective with the AR than a Diamond level player. Another way to say this is that the winner in a gunfight between two ARs above Diamond level is currently more about random luck than it is about skill. I think, for competitive play, we want the player with greater skill to win a given gunfight, without luck being too much of a factor. This is one of the primary data-driven reasons we are concerned about using the AR in competitive play."


    Thank goodness for Josh Menke.

    Wonder if the past months "matchmaking issues" (where diamonds faced champs, golds vs diamonds etc...) was them testing stuff like this.


    Obviously would have been nice to know, but I'd take getting my ass beat for solid numbers and appropriate playlist changes as a result.

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  2. https://www.ugcevents.com/downloads/UGC_STL_Stats_Jan2017.pdf Stats from the event, I assume this was already posted but I'm way too lazy to go look. If it was already posted just don't plus rep the person who did it first and give it to me thanks.

    I love how this weekend everyone was praising Snakebite as "the best" player in the game, but if you JUST look at stats that's definitely not the case.


    Goes to show how much more there is to Halo than what the stats say.

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