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  1. Been forever since I've posted on TB, but my buddy and I are going to Worlds and are super excited!
  2. Stop trying to do actual journalism and just give us puff pieces about MLG Adam and our Lord and Savior Lethul
  3. Call me crazy, but as much as I love MLG, I'm not sure I want them to "save us" if it meant being forced to broadcast exclusively on MLG.tv
  4. But what if we secretly hate ourselves, and throwing hate at others relieves our pain?
  5. Snakebite But outside of OG, if we look purely at stats (which I know don't tell the whole story, but it's something), Shooter and Penguin both had good/decent KDs and good Objective stats. Commonly would also be an option imo, but a bit more of a stretch. All those pros had comparable KD's over the course of the last season to some nV players, but significantly better objective stats overall. Obviously there are numerous intangibles that play a part in lineup decisions as well, but I spend a lot of time looking at stats throughout the HCS seasons, so it makes me ask these questions
  6. I was thinking more along the lines of your last point, that they'd need a more objective-minded slayer, instead of a pure objective role. Right now, I think their coach is picking up the slack in that department. But if they could get someone that can slay and has shown objective expertise... hard to not see that as a win.
  7. I think there might be a few more obj players that can slay besides Stellur. I don't see bubu as being an upgrade personally, despite his skill. And who says Optic players are off the table? Imagine if Snakebite joined! Unlikely, but people would have said the same about EG before Lethul left.
  8. I'm personally hoping that most (if not all) of Liquid stays together. They underperformed at finals, on good days they are capable of beating OG and nV. Completely blowing up and rebuilding a new team right before Worlds also just seems like a plain bad idea. That said, while it obviously seems crazy to suggest they make a team change at this point... am I the only one who wonders what nV might be like with a more objective player on their squad? Objective games are clearly their weakness, and the majority of games in a series are objective-based. They relied on Slayer gametypes to get most of their wins during that second series, barely snagging their one needed objective win (3-2 CTF). If it remained a weakness, it would be ripe for exploitation. The reverse could be said about Optic (Slayer being the weakness), but teams still need to win at least one OBJ against them in a series. If Optic wins a Slayer mode, it's basically GGs. Again, I'm not gonna be crazy and suggest nV makes a roster change. But my brain likes toying with scenarios, I'm curious if anyone else has had a similar thought.
  9. That was the best weekend of #HCS action of the entire year. My heart is full.
  10. The Fantasy HCS team is excited to announce that we are hosting a special fantasy competition for the NA Fall Finals this weekend! Build your own Fantasy Halo team with pros from the Top 4 teams in the HCS and compete with other fans around the world! Register here free: http://bit.ly/2gA59fp Create/join leagues here: http://bit.ly/2hhJzQJ Competition rules here: http://bit.ly/2gVUqis Feel free to post your own team choices and predictions below!
  11. Don't mean to derail the exciting settings talk, but wanted to highlight that the rules for our FantasyHCS Finals competition are different than what you're all used to. I wrote an article explaining it all, check it out here. Be sure to @ me or the FantasyHCS twitter with any questions, comments, or other feedback - we absolutely love and need community involvement to drive the direction of our service for the HCS community!
  12. The Game 3 ghost melees made me want to turn off my television. The result of that game (and thus the series) means nothing to me. Not only do ghost melees cheat you out of kills (and potentially games), they can have a huge effect on your mind. Not just with tilting - the next time you go to melee someone, a small part of your brain will actually hesitate. The more it happens to you, the more you'll subconsciously doubt yourself. That type of mental effect will affect your performance, and you cannot control it. It's just how the brain works. 343 literally handed Liquid both mental and statistical handicaps. Unacceptable.
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