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  1. People still needs gold packs? I don't even play that often but I have everything unlocked that I can without buying pro skins.
  2. I hear you. That's why I had a "?" in my post. But thought I'd throw it out there. We've gone off of less before for intel.
  3. I'm on mobile. Idk if i can post things from twitter but look at Shooter's last post and the reply and follow the crumbs.
  4. So Inconceivable beats NV and ALG beats Liquid but only one (if that) will be in pro league?!?!
  5. So what if during the transfer period everyone just submitted weird fake rosters? Would that make a statement to ESL? If every pro league team was just crazy and multiple pros were listed on 2 or 3 teams what would happen?
  6. So what's the over/under on shotzzy teaming with Bubu and Falcated?
  7. As far as teams goNV and Optic look to be remaining unchanged. LG- Naded, Danoxide, Cratos, Suspector ALG- Bubu, Shooter, Devon, Contra EG- Roy, Lunch, ( ran with lots of ppl) STR8- Ace, Apg, ( most likely Commonly, Spartan) TL- Penguin, Raine, Eco, Stellur E6- looks to be dissolved Ninja, El Town werd playing together.
  8. Did the potential ALG team scrim anyone last night? If so, anyone know how it went?
  9. Bubu and Shooter could potentially keep the E6 org and find 2 others correct? Not sure they are all in with joining ALG.
  10. We doin dream team roster changes? Spartan, Commonly, Bubu Dubu, Shooter
  11. Has there been any intel on a possible org for LOL? Do they even want one? And what orgs do we think could sign them? Cloud 9 (back again...), Winterfox, NRG?
  12. I don't want Shooter to go back to E6. It makes it too difficult to root for him...
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