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  1. Septiq is going to stream their Pro League Match here soon https://www.twitch.tv/septiq Hes currently observing Pulse vs. Infused currently 1-1 according to stream.
  2. So they cram 3 grown men in this desk: I just want 3 grown men at the normal desk, one can dream I guess:
  3. They could just change it to the "OpTic Arthritis House" in a few years.
  4. Before I even scrolled down I was afraid I may have triggered someone, lol.
  5. For the Fall 2016 Season, HCS Open Circuit online matches in North America will also be broadcasted in addition to HCS Pro League matches Havent seen anyone mention this yet. So we have broadcasted, top level Halo 4 nights a week? Im down.
  6. The North American Finals will take place in Burbank, CA, once again at the ESL Studio. Ticket and hotel for the event will be revealed at the end of September. They listened! edit: The further I try to fix whatever happened to the font, the worse it gets. RIP
  7. Did anyone else call that armor mod "Bitch Goggles" everytime they died to it?
  8. "Whats his name? Fuckin Shrek?" Had me dying. I believe thats the first episode, and it had me hooked. Ive heard about it, and once I finish All or Nothing (Football Series), Im hopping over to that.
  9. Ill add to the OT discussion. Any Eastbound and Down fans? Season 1 was a masterpiece.
  10. You should talk her into Xfinity. Serious speed for serious gamers™.......girlfriends
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