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  1. I don't know what's truly different but i'm seriously enjoying the game again. The custom games browser breaks up the stress of playing ranked and it's all a lot more seamless than I expected. Also, haven't played Stasis once ?
  2. Uhh, nah I really haven't....just the ones that warrant it, not my fault it's often. But yeah, I'm "trolling" even though staff upvoted my post. I'll step back out of your safe space though, say no more.
  3. That's not what irony means, but it's pretty cool that it was going to take you away from Halo for months and ended up cleared up in days. So any details on this super secret new app that's going to change the lives of working class gamers?
  4. So stepping away from Halo (and the long goodbye post that went with it) didn't hold much weight after all. And I got a week ban for saying it was attention seeking, no profanity, just pointing out that fact and then banned. Funny how that works.
  5. If the pros are having to fight for the absolute basics, that's a bit worrying. The fact that 343's vision (minus the pro team) is equal to a game without everything in that list, makes me feel like we're pushing back a wave with a paddle.
  6. May as well get the off topic in early but I tried to re install MCC and it constantly says "installation stopped" can't get past 25%. Is that game just a complete write off now?
  7. Towey wakening up from a self induced coma caused by too potent delusions of grandeur. I'm all for a Cratos roast but I swear Towey forgets he's just a coach.
  8. Nah it was the right thing to do, vagueness and half stories are all we've known for a long time now. Can't go cold turkey now.
  9. I can't imagine anything i'm less assured about. Fair enough they may have made enough money peddling REQS (while breaking the game to add them) that Worlds will have a crazy prize pool again, but the only thing that will make it "awesome" is a game that actually works. Or the announcement of H3a, until then, I've uninstalled H5 and don't even have the space to add it back.
  10. "Witch hunt" did I seriously just read that? If someone is paid to grow a franchise and is doing the exact opposite, why shouldn't they lose their job? If i don't meet yearly targets my job can easily end up up for review, why should someone be allowed to effectively kill a franchise we love and not be called out on it? No one is saying he should be out on the street without a job, but he absolutely should be held accountable for the train wreck that has been H5, he clearly isn't qualified for the position regardless of what pieces of paper he has. Welcome to safe space 2016 though. I honestly think it will take Halo 6 to come out with super spartan charge and 1 hit kill autos before some people will stop drinking the kool aid.
  11. I'm pretty sure the rating relates to everything contained in game.
  12. I heard they come with a Bubu backpack that has a Cratos plush inside.
  13. Bravo is just a yes man corporate type now. Seems like a pretty cool guy but if people didn't actually watch him grow up I would swear they'd built him in house.
  14. I think people are seriously overestimating Contra and Devons ability to be on a cohesive team for an extended period of time, no matter who the other 2 are.
  15. But if we ban PlasmaCastrPapi, Cratos will just make a new alt to shitpost what he doesn't have the integrity to post on his own account.
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