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  1. Well Snoop Dogg was busy blazing it while playing lmao :dank:(How do I post the image instead of just the link?) http://imgur.com/dmgWvuA
  2. Well rip me if I did my math right the NA matches start at 3am my time Could someone just say how many hours from now till the matches start?
  3. OpTic not streaming so Formal can play on Aces or Maniacs tag
  4. I thought I read somewhere that NA is both saturday and sunday but I could be wrong.. Might have been before they announced the switch to double-elim
  5. So twitch/halo has the EU thing going on now, will they switch to the NA LCQ later or how does this work?
  6. So are there two streams or are we gonna miss some games?
  7. Actually what I was thinking is that TJ came up with this masterplan and has convinced his teammates that it will only strengthen their position at the top.
  8. Shower thought: what if CLG loses 4 maps on purpose when scrimming to give teams false hope and the stat guys here have a harder time making power rankings because multiple teams won 4 maps against the best team?
  9. After watching the Flamesword retires video and seeing the beard as it currently is, how does he kiss a girl? Im not meaning this in a negative way but you cant even see his lips lol Really hope he returns as a player someday and keeps grinding even tho he isnt competing
  10. Flamesword looked so tired and like he doesnt give a fuck and wants to get back home and make vlogs and prank videos smh
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