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  1. I'm interested. I posted the one below you looking for a team. Check out my post and see if you're interested
  2. I'm an experienced player and teammate in halo. Been to several LANs and MLG tournaments. We all know Halo 5 is much different so I'm looking for guys that aren't stuck in the past. I want to create the best team in this game, THE BEST. I want people who are willing to experiment, practice every aspect very deeply of this game. Mechanics, habits, decision making, controlling and predicting and manipulating spawns. Everything about this game we will practice. I live on the west coast and I'm on from 6-11 PM and all day Sat and Sun. Message me on xbox live if you're interested. GT is OODA Systematic. I don't care how amazing of a player you are, I'm looking for willingness to learn this game in depth.

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