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  1. That was the one of the worst things I've heard in a while. "BARZ" LUL ok
  2. Schedule changes a bunch. Right now it should come out this afternoon. If you follow Hitch on twitter you'll get a more up to date time. It all depends on how the edit goes.
  3. Should be two best of 7s if I'm reading the bracket right Edit: Lethul too fast
  4. I saw somewhere on Twitter that they were, but it wasn't from an official ESA or HCS account. I would hope that they are.
  5. What? You don't think that a small table surrounded by empty folding chairs is professional?
  6. No vision this week. They uploaded a bloopers video instead. Nothing really happened except csgo league matches (from Hitch tweet)
  7. There isn't an emergency. So they shouldn't be allowed a sub. I'm glad ESL is sticking to their guns on this
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