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  1. A new game to freshen up the scene, but just like the old Halo 3, right? It's official, 343 can't Win.
  2. Optic players rarely if ever complain about these sort of things publicly, I can remember the one time they did and it was about the Fuel Rod, I think this was after they lost to Nv in Pro League, not so sure tho. Hit markers, sprint and the rest of Spartan abilities might feel like they are exclusive to Optic players but in actuality they are not, we all can use them to our advantage. Oh and please someone correct me if I'm wrong but the Fuel Rod that Optic players was complaining about, was it on Midship?, and if it was, is it still there?
  3. You can't say you understand why 343 went in the direction of Call of Duty with Halo and then knock them for it, running on walls captures the imagination of the average gamer, so does sprint and other abilities. The people that truly understand why, is such a small part of the community so it doesn't make sense business wise to continue with the franchise if the majority isn't willing to evolve with the game and yet they are.
  4. After events it's not a coincident that comments like these are always made exclusively by losing teams
  5. That's fair, we're on the outside looking in and if I was in your position I would go to bat for my friend too, but the statement you made infers that you believe as presently constructed, you guys can beat Optic consistently, I don't think most on here believes that. Ola is obviously a good player so when I said drop Ola, I was talking in terms of beating Optic, so it's loyalty to your friend or the giving your team the best chance at winning Worlds?
  6. This is not a shot a Ninja, god knows the kid gets a lot of hate, but I think it's difficult to team with someone that can go 4-16 and then rips his teammates that played statistically better which is something he seems to consistently do, the other 3 on your list would be interesting to see play but who would be the fourth?
  7. The way Nv just got stomped out by Optic you still think that new radar will change that outcome?.....cause I don't.....like I said before, replace Ola with Eco and these Finals will be more competitive, I don't think Ola plays as fast as the other 3 on Nv, don't get me wrong, what he brings to that team is important but he plays to slow, I believe Eco can fill that role and keep up with the speed of the game. Eco is a cerebral player same as Ola, main difference between the two is that one plays faster than the other.
  8. Same applies to him, replace Huke with snakebite, is it really an upgrade for Nv? Don't get me wrong, Snakebite is a great player and what stands out when watching him play is his leadership whereas for Huke it's his skill level being so above everyone else.
  9. Even tho Nv lost, I still think Huke is the best player in Halo, he did his best to carry, just came up short. Switch Royal 2 for Huke and that's a downgrade for Nv, I truly believe that, Royal 2 to me seems like he's a product of the way Optic plays as a unit whereas the success of Nv is a result of Huke, kid just makes plays. Ola is a nice guy so I say this begrudgingly but if they drop him for Eco they might be able to beat Optic consistently.
  10. The proof is in the pudding, look at CoD events and compare it, and that's why this community is delusional, CoD captures the imagination of gamers which is the thing Halo have the most trouble doing which is why we get the event venue we got.
  11. I couldn't agree with you more, most people on here think Microsoft is making a killing off of Halo so they demand event venues like CoD, a game that most believe is worst than Halo, this community don't like radar, they don't like sprint, they don't like spartan charge, they don't like ground pound, what they do like is Halo 2 and 3 so they can't comprehend that these abilities captures the imagination of the average gamer that's why they stay complaining and blaming 343 for the game not being as successful as it once was, but the truth is, the direction 343 is taking the game is in fact the right one. Whats really holding Halo back is it's community, they're not willing to let go of nostalgia and evolve with the game.
  12. When conflict of interest is in play I tend to go in the direction of foul play but hey, we love T-squared as a caster, so a mistake it is.
  13. Was really looking forward to this weekend watching good competitive Halo and so far I've been disappointed, not necessarily in the level of the gameplay but in the production and casting of the event. Casters that have no chemistry are being thrown together to cast game so you're left cringing the whole time whilst trying to watch the game. The sound quality was horrible, names under players cams were mixed up and after every 15 minutes we got a 15 minute break, I'm exaggerating but it did actually feel that way. So why not have the Open Brackets on Thursday and Friday and Championship Brackets on Saturday and Sunday with the relatively new Casters casting the Open Brackets and the Casters that have been doing it for awhile can do Championship Brackets. Also why not have 2 Main Stage so players on stage 2 can setup and be ready to start playing as soon as the match on stage 1 is finish this way we have a continuous flow of action without these long breaks It also seem like they have no idea what are the best matches to put on main stage so we end up with Optic vs an AM Team instead of Liquid (I believe it was) vs Inconceivable.
  14. Someone having to choose between a blue or a red Lambo can feel the same amount of stress as you trying to figure out how you're going to pay your rent next month, it's all relative. I'm sure 75%+ on here would take the stress of the guy that have to choose between Lamborghinis and that's because we've never lived that life, so to us it less stressful.
  15. Mate it would have been way easier if you'd just said anyone who's not in the Pro League shouldn't make comments about the game, don't get why you're trying to save face. "I'm not saying that about everyone who is bad or isn't skilled. But there is a large group of people who act far and above their skill level" ......wait what?....so you are saying that about everyone. For future reference, having a higher skill level doesn't mean your opinion has more validity than someone that enjoys watching competitive halo.
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