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  1. If Infinite requires you to use a special controller to keep up, it will be H5 again... but probably worse.
  2. Honestly I think the mouse aiming is fine, but that is just me. I used a xim before and that was shit compared to this. Maybe not Counter-strike in terms of precision but I'm having no issues destroying people. Maybe try lowering your DPI, I think I'm only at 400.
  3. I don't know what your talking about, mouse aiming feels good. Way better than using a xim on xbox one which I tried before. Also, for the server browser, wait for it to load completely and you get a working scroll, then select your sorts / server. If you use it before it finishes completely it won't work. Having a lot of fun on this so far, hope we get ranks at some point and a way to add friends, etc.
  4. So pro league was last night? Is it tonight as well? I follow Halo and frequent the forums and didn't realize it was yesterday... 343 doesn't advertise well
  5. MM is trash, there needs to be more significant penalties for quitting matches. And less of a punishment for losing 2v4 or 3v4. Like what are you supposed to do in these situations?
  6. Why is the aiming still trash in this game? Shouldn't that still be priority #1?
  7. Sad that no one from 343/ESL has commented on that awful choice of venue. What a complete embarrassment. Seems like the discussion for settings changes occurs after each season but ultimately who really believes anything will change? A lot of the points being made have been present since launch yet 343 could care less. More req packs! You couldn't be more disconnected with your own community if you tried... Halo deserves so much better.
  8. Still, a 4 team LAN final is just so meh... I hope that is the last of 4 team LANs forever. It could be such a good tournament but the people in charge of these decisions just don't get it.
  9. I'm offended by the people that are offended in this thread.
  10. Side note, is it a theater glitch when the kill feed has the colors switched incorrectly? It's so annoying.
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