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  1. Highly skilled player Work great with others Great communication Want to grind so hit me up on XBL or reply to this thread GT- iLuCkYcHiZaRmS
  2. Hit me up. I'm down to run. Onxy in arena and champ in FFA previously. GT- iLuCkYcHiZaRmS
  3. We have a solid team of 3 right now. We need 1 for the upcoming season. You must have great communication, if you dont callout/small talk then dont waste our time You must have great individual skill and be able to work as a team. You must be able to take criticism and have a good understanding of the game. Spawns/timing ect If you are not at least onyx in arena then dont waste our time Serious and sweaty kids only Message me on XBL and we can set something up GT - iLuCkYcHiZaRmS
  4. DM'd you on twitter. Run tonight? GT- iLuCkYcHiZaRmS
  5. Got a team of 2 maybe 3 right now. Lets run. GT - iLuCkYcHiZaRmS
  6. dont waste our time Must have good communication Must be at least onyx in arena Must be able to play at least 5 nights a week starting around 7-8 PM EST msg on XBL and we can run some games and see how it goes GT - iLuCkYcHiZaRmS
  7. Must be at least onyx in team arena. Must be able to play 4+ hours a night, usually starting around 6-7 PM EST Must have good communication and have individual skill Add/Message me on XBL, this thread may not be checked regularly. We will run some games and see how things go. Don't waste our time if you are not serious about competing in Challenger League. GT - iLuCkYcHiZaRmS
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