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  1. @@TiberiusAudley OT but your avatar bears an eery resemblance to
  2. The only person that actually does this is T2 when he casted a few weeks back. He did such a great job at it. If he doesn't make it into the pro league then they really need to bring him on to cast. He's the only person I've watched that provided insight about what teams should be doing and critiquing what the players were doing in-game.
  3. This game's a really great way to just pour some time down the drain casually. It's nice just kind of playing a game and relaxing as opposed to playing Halo and not being able to help but yell at least once a game. Some problems I think could use some fixing 1. Reaper shotguns need to decrease the distance at which they do damage. 2. Bastion needs an obvious nerf. I think they could easily balance him without altering damage. Like significantly increasing reload time while in tank mode and decreasing the mag size. 3. Torb's turrets definitely need a reduction in range.
  4. Graduated college yesterday. I want to thank all of you wonderful people for the dank memes and RNG panic to read during the ceremony. The time really flew by.
  5. It still kind of boggles my mind that no other pro teams even come close to communicating the way CLG does. CLG doesn't "talk" as much as other teams but they relay information way more efficiently. You'll hear way more slight moments of silence during the game but they don't clutter their communication with things like constantly saying the player's name they're calling out and things like that. Also, it seems like at least Lethul often doesn't call out a player he sees/is shooting if he can kill him; if he doesn't kill him then he calls him out and it really cuts out a lot of excessive communication. Every other team I watch communicates the exact same way. It's all the same constant barrage of player names and locations with very little discussion of what each player is trying to do or any strategy at all. I'm really curious if teams have tried to actually change up their communication at all to shift away from the constant jabbering and be more like CLG.
  6. I'd really love to see some 2v2 tournaments at LANs or even online with some ESL backing. I miss the older tournaments and seeing who was the best duo in the game.
  7. One good thing that came from the scrim for EG was that after it was over they seemed to have a good conversation about their in game communication, especially when it comes to them complaining about stuff and talking over one another and some in-game bickering between team mates; the only person that isn't terrible about it, at least watching from Snipedown's stream, is Suspector; rarely heard any over-mic tilting from him whereas you could hear it from Roy and Lunchbox just about every game along with Snipedown. It's one of the many things that differentiates CLG from every other team I've watched. There's damn near no complaining, whining, or bitching of any kind when they play. Their communication is as clean cut as kobe beef.
  8. EG seems to play worse against CLG than teams the teams they tend to dominate play against CLG. I don't know if it's a mental thing on EG's side, CLG just trying harder because it's EG, or stylistic matchups. I think it's a little more of column A and B than C, at least on some level at least. EG gets way more tilted(granted they tend to be losing) against CLG than other teams when they lose.
  9. I've seen some glimmers of hope here and there at the Halo subreddit. When the HWCs were going on I saw a couple of posts from people saying they were casual players but enjoyed watching and would tune in for more. Being on console, it's always going to be an uphill fight because the audience in general is more casual compared to PC, especially when you have such a large portion of the player population playing a game mode that barely resembles what the competitive play is like. You're never going to see a majority of the player base for League or CS wanting to play a big team battle equivalent of their game; people like that would just go to Team Fortress 2 or Battlefield. Even the "casual" players in League/CS enjoy and recognize the fun in something challenging and competitive.
  10. Yeah. /r/competitivehalo It's a ghost town for the most part.
  11. Well the communities at large for those games seem to actually enjoy competitive/pro play so it's primarily just the normal forums for them like reddit.
  12. Rick Fox bought out a team in the LCS as well and rebranded them as EchoFox. He did a really great interview with with Vice, it's worth the read. https://sports.vice.com/en_us/article/vice-sports-qa-former-laker-rick-fox-talks-about-his-new-esports-team
  13. Man this Hysteria and Randa business has been pretty crazy. It went from Randa getting shat on in his chat to it flowing over into the forums and then the pros come along in defense and now we're seemingly at the point of...
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