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  1. Choke my link didn't post Twitch.tv/C0VENT
  2. What's up guys! I stream every day! http://www.twitch.tv/C0VENT P.s I love playing with viewers
  3. Twitter is crazy about this right now haha, we just gotta wait and see what 343 actually chooses. I doubt this community poll is going to affect their decision.
  4. Yes their is a Lan on Saturday hit up Brutus
  5. At GFG it was Contra, and his slaying power that allowed them to place as well as they did.
  6. This is entertaining and all but honestly I just want the game to not crash 10+ times when we have a #MichiLAN
  7. I really want to see the community grow, and welcome new players. Please feel free to add me for H2A 8s Gt: C0VENTdanTwitter @C0VENT
  8. I'm honestly really excited to watch this
  9. ^^ I too look forward to seeing everyone at GFG #unlimitedredbull
  10. ahh ok well im sure we will all still be lanning halo 5 when it comes out! I'm curious to see if these competitive gaming leagues get the Xbox one (Mlg,Agl,umg)
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