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  1. Just a continuous stream of Penguin railguns appearing on the kill feed, and the production is in 3rd person rotating around Victory X, looking mostly at walls. It's maddening -- even if it's not the guy with the power weapon, leave it from a player POV. The ability to split to 3rd person is a good analytical tool, and fit for the analyst desk. Freeze a play from one perspective, zoom out, and show where all 4 players are set-up. Jump back to action somewhere else and finish the replay. In real time, it is unacceptable. Technical movement and gunskill during player interaction lose all meaning and context in 3rd person. It feels like you're making the viewer respawn after a death. No one likes dying while playing, don't make us do it while we're watching.
  2. I think this is part of a larger conversation that I've read here from time-to-time, regarding gaming as a profession, and how to mentally approach it as such. A lot of the contemporary infrastructure in professional sports -- like sports psychologists and experienced coaching staffs -- are cost-prohibitive for gaming. To study things on your own, like controlling your mentality through adversity, taking losses productively, concise and effective criticism vs. externalizing blame, takes a lot of self-discipline. Let's be honest, the players are mostly kids who are on average just out of high school or college. Most have spent 8+ hours a day grinding video games for the last several years. This is not a habit that tends to breed self-discipline in any way, actually the opposite. There are some great people in Halo, but I think it's fairly evident that almost all 'pros' do not treat playing halo like a real professional would treat their job. If I approached my job like 'pros' treat scheduled content creation and structured practice regimens, I would certainly be fired. I think a lot of the older guys on here, especially those who support families and deal with real debt, get a kick out of the attitude of entitlement that some in the scene have. I know I do. It is an incredible time to be in e-sports as an industry. Twitch has blown up, TV and other traditional media platform marketing cannot get 18-35 male attention at all, and e-sports keeps us glued for hours on end. But the money is in the content. You make money by making people pay attention to advertisements in some way, shape, or form. This is why Optic is king. They act as content creators first, and that is what makes them money. More people watch their stuff when they win, but the innate monetary value is in the ability for consumers to feel like they know them as individuals. Almost all marketing now is lifestyle branding and "social influencers." Thus the path to making money (and a life out of gaming) is branding the lifestyle. Winning is the coolest, but if you're not portraying a cool lifestyle in a bunch of different ways on a bunch of different platforms,why would real brands pay to align with you? Who attracts more views, CLG or Optic? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Podcasts, Twitch, YouTube, etc. How many Halo 'pros' do you know that leverage these content platforms cohesively in order to maintain a presence in potential consumer / fan mental space -- at a time when we're more distracted than ever? I don't mean to say it as if I don't appreciate and the work amazing people in the community do. Like I said, a lot of the players are kids, at best young adults. I just think it's a bit tragic to be on the cusp of building an amazing life for yourself in an emerging market, and a lot of guys who play treat it like a job at McD's. See it for the opportunity it is.
  3. Teams delaying scrims until the Drake album drops got me like
  4. Hecz has his boys vote early and vote often, the Boss Tweed of Optic's New Tammany Hall Gaming House, coming to you in 2017.
  5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. album- http://imgur.com/a/T8Ygp
  6. * 2gre scraping for a team, but Seduce might actually be good * Calm drops a 1-31 with his internet * w0uld thinks he has a hot take * forums turn on w0uld * Clown Fiesta forms under the name Team Randa - Hysteria, Heinz, Aries, Randa * Rayne drops a bomb, looks like Hysteria * mikeface gif stock remains bearish * Audley ruins Thrones * w0uld going apologetic * Flizzy going solo * Calm doesn't have the internet required to read any of this * Serious coming from SnakeBite's stream * Optic making roster change * Storm incoming
  7. Regarding the ESL and Team YouPorn in Halo; ESL runs leagues with major presenting sponsors like Intel and Xbox. HCS is run by 343 and Xbox. The other teams in the league have big underwriters. These brands do not and will not align with pornographic content in any alluded or clever form. The porn sponsors are a cool way for some content creators, like Woody/PKA for instance, who can assess what money they're getting from a porn company vs. what they could otherwise get from bigger brands that would prohibit it. Already have more money in halo then ever before, just won't happen. Perhaps could be a way for a guy like Kampy, or someone like Naded if he retires from active competition, to stay sponsored and do content if they leave orgs and brand themselves individually.
  8. Renegades have had good conversation about spawns on Truth flag for 2 nights in a row. Hamy had a nice mea culpa last night when he blocked bubble spawns and ruined a pull. They were talking about the benefits of pulling with 3 down or collapsing the last guy right after they dropped the 3-0 on nV just now.
  9. :dank: Should've gone with 40 Thieves, Nadshot already makes a strong allusion to Ali Baba in Arabian Nights.
  10. Liquid almost gave away game 2, but Stellur clutched it and solo counter-capped Snipe while they simultaneously lost bottom mid at the very end. Got pretty manhandled games 3-8, but happy to see them rally and play well in the last 5. They lost game 10 Eden Slayer despite Spartan going nuts with the snipe. Thrust Slide - picked up snipe - twitch no scope on Frosty sequence was particularly gross. Royal 2 with the casual 1.65 H2H: Royal 2 - 54 : 29 - APG Royal 2 - 51 : 25 - Stellur Royal 2 - 48 : 25 - Eco Really great breakdowns, much appreciate the stats @@charas.
  11. After watching the scrim VOD from last night, just feel compelled to shout out Dillon "Doritos Combine" Randa for bringing Frosty and Suspector to the people. Incredible players.
  12. I vote Frosty too. There was one sequence during the Fathom Flag game, where Ninja couldn't get him and left him one shot his treehouse, then a few seconds later Victory did the same thing on the their side, had to leave him one shot, and then a few seconds after that Frosty got a kill pushing top mid. Wasn't watching his POV but was wild to see from RNG perspective, both called out they had to leave him, just wouldn't die. He also has incredible unpredictability in those close combat 1v1 juke-around-obstruction situations. Dropped the okie-doke on Ninja so bad in front window, stayed alive 1 shot, and Ninja melted from the teamshot.
  13. For some reason my only killtacs have historically involved bubble shields, warthogs, sticky nades, and/or barely sentient neanderthals walking in straight lines with assault rifles out. Was I not supposed to be scoping this whole time? Just hold forward through nades, whip the reticle sideways, and don't scope?
  14. Considering the scale of PAX logistics, there could have been a lot of stipulations which kept it to 4 teams. Better 4 than none. How they determined which 4 teams were picked could certainly seem cold if you're someone like RNG or Devon/Contra, to see players who placed consistently worse than you get an opportunity you don't. But from a fan standpoint, if it's stuck at 4 teams, the ex-Allegiance royal rumble certainly has high entertainment value.
  15. Lethul is a real bully with light rifle from Red Nest on Eden
  16. Enigmas surrounding Enigma6 Build brand around the number 6. Then use 5 words in the slogan, and put the word Six third Use a negative space logo, but cut out the bottom positive space required to differentiate an E from and F Spell Loyalty wrong everywhere... but was the 2nd L ...ever supposed to be there...? http://inception.davepedu.com/
  17. Enimga6 sounds like a shoddy attempt by the GSL to get Americans in non-SCII eSports to drink Hot6. Even their branding language sounds like it's written by a Korean just feeling their way through English. http://www.enigma6group.com/#!about/bwmlr On the 'About' Tab, right under the dictionary definition of enigma, there is a section that poses "What does Enima6 mean to us?" ... and then it's blank. Shit is deep.
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