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  1. AnEpicName

    NBA Thread

    insufferable sixer fan checking in we were always right
  2. ricochet is nothing like griffball lol this game type is neutral bomb, with faster bomb holder movement speed, and the ability to pass the 'bomb' around, making for a much faster paced gametype (which fits well with fast paced sprint always on reach) i think the gametype is a lot of fun. kinda frustrating to play alone though because idiots dont understand the rules
  3. living situation: under a rock ---- confirmed
  4. AnEpicName

    NBA Thread

    Austin is the best place I've ever lived. 10/10 would move again. Def gonna try to catch a few Spurs games this year too
  5. im 12 and what is this
  6. GT: An Epic Name ATX represent
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