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  1. Shooter's been their best player this season in my opinion. Bubu is always great but he's missing the duo with Huke.
  2. I recently "applied" for the designer role going at E6, but after almost two weeks of prolonged responses and a general sense that they're 100 % closed-minded in the design department I stopped pursuing it. I even sent them this (in an attempt to get them to replace the current monstrosity of a logo).
  3. I'm available tomorrow if you're still looking for one. GT: Monitor UK, Onyx 1740-ish. Playing solo at the moment.
  4. UK player looking for a team, preferably an existing team of 3 I can slot into. Stats are here if wanted. I've been playing Halo since circa 2002 but only started looking into playing competitively recently; I already have a good knowledge of the game but I'm always looking to learn and improve. I don't complain/rage, have good communication / small talk and I'm a team player. I'm able to play evenings GMT for 2/3 hours a day - unfortunately I can't be in a 6 hour a day etc. commitment at this time. Not sure if this is the best F/A post ever but I'm new here, apologies if there's anything I missed out. Feel free to ask questions. Cheers, Sam.
  5. Hi everyone, just joined Beyond to find a competitive team. I've been playing Halo since CE circa 2002 and haven't stopped since, only started getting competitive recently. I'll post in the free agents thread unless there's a team looking to pick someone up straight away. Cheers, Sam.

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