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  1. I actually agree with this. Wizard TS in social 4's is probably the easiest map to make the score lopsided on vs any other map in mm on TS. If you're good/your team is good you can just camp by the powerups and spawnkill your way to a 50-15 final score 9 times out of 10. My stat lines are either 20+ kills, < 5 deaths in huge wins or the exact opposite if the other team is really good and trying and I'm stuck with 3 noobs. Longest is just not fun but in terms of the better team tilting the scales in their favor it's not as easy so at least it's got that going for it.
  2. So if you try that and get the green tint issue, you can try to boot your xbox with a VGA bios that corrects this. That's when you don't actively convert component to vga. The CPNT2VGAA adapter from StarTech is active and just works plug-n-play.
  3. When it comes to popularity numbers you can kind of pick whichever number suits you the most. Frank saying they had millions of people on Halo 5 in 2018 is certainly plausible if you're counting literally each unique person that logged on or bought the game new. Most people consider active to be amount of people logged on and playing concurrently at any given moment and I find it hard to believe any game other than the most popular ones in 2018 had millions of actual active users. For a game to have that level of popularity 3 years after release would make it something like one of the best 5 xbox live games ever... like there is literally no game averaging more than a half million concurrent users right now the game with the most is MW 2019 at 540K at 11PM on a week night... If you're going to lie at least make it believable instead of unbelievable.
  4. Halo 2 on MCC on both platforms have a daily population range of about 500-2000 each. Project cartographer's daily population range is around 100-500. Range is typical lows and highs per day. So yeah Project Cartographer eats at the MCC population by a decent amount. AFAIK most people that only play H2 have gravitated towards that even post MCC PC release. H2 MCC PC release was a nightmare with that zero day glitch where you could just down into the ground and hit opponents.
  5. Well for xbox I combine a couple of different methods and it depends on the game. For Halo 5 specifically I use two methods: The first one is using the official Halo 5 API and twitch API. Basically I use the twitch api to see if anyone is streaming Halo 5 (to get a gamertag that's online). Starting there I then use their game history via the H5 API to crawl through all of their games played in the last 15 minutes to see how many other players they played with. Then I recursively do the same for those players. This does a pretty good job but the caveat is it's only capturing people playing MP games. During morning hours when the population is at it's lowest though it sometimes struggles to find anyone online to start the process. That's where I use one of gamstat's endpoints and average the results to make sure I'm not undercounting H5's population too much. Gamstat's website is pretty cool. What they do is they crawl xbox live users and use a small sample of the entire population and then extrapolate it to known amount of total xbox live players. This approach is pretty good and certainly does a good job for popular games but it's precision for games with very small populations (like Halo 3/Reach/4 on 360 and to a lesser extent Halo 5) is less good. https://gamstat.com/games/xbox/ Yeah from what I've seen 343 has a slight problem on their hands: Their game, Halo 5, is definitely less popular than MCC which is a collection of games they didn't make (outside of H4). So while MCC is certainly flawed I've still been relatively impressed with their contributions towards it. Like shit on their inability to actually fix things all you want, but they've been working on a collection of games across two platforms for 6 years now and if I was working for them I'd be slightly pissed all of these customers want that vs wanting H5.
  6. The numbers are a little skewed with ODST being released right now but H5's population isn't that great it's probably on the same level or lower than H3 across XB1/PC this year. I made http://spartanfinder.com/ to monitor stuff like this.
  7. Really cool site. Makes it pretty easy to pull up old games between pros which is fun.
  8. Yeah whenever you can't zoom in or pick up a weapon it's because your windows needs to be updated. Happens all the time. It's so dumb but yeah. I've had this start happening to me MID-GAME and lo behold a new update was pushed to my machine. EDIT: It is independent of a patch, fwiw.
  9. v0.6 is out. Fixed some behind the scenes bugs that mostly affected players who played multiple Halo games that saved films in the same session. https://github.com/CYRiXplaysHalo/CarnageReporter/releases/tag/v0.6
  10. Agreed. They need to make ranked a 4's playlist for CE. Then as a solo I'd be open to playing ranked and too often in social 4's I get matched up against a party of 4 who clearly are calling shit out while I have 2 teammates who aren't sure if the pistol is better than the ar or not. If that happened in a ranked playlist I would expect it but currently social 4's is all over the place and when I run into a party of 4 I'm going to continuously get matched up with them because the population is too low.
  11. Well if you're just using this for stream overlays, then yeah you can do whatever you want anyways. Otherwise I have set it up to send files to a central repository that I was going to build a website around, but there just isn't enough interest in this at this point. The way it's currently set up it would be pretty hard to send a modified file. You'd have to intercept it after a game ends and make changes to it within 5 seconds before the script tries to access it (otherwise it will error out). If this were built out to have a greater purpose like to fuel a more detailed stats website then yes this would be something to monitor but currently pretty much no one uses it. Anyways, I updated this to work with Halo 3 and to allow you to save off your films as well. If anyone has any sort of info about these .film files and how they work please let me know. I notice they are appended to live as a game is played so it got me wondering if there was a way to "stream" that file to a different MCC instance and basically have someone watch a game in theater mode LIVE as the game is still being played. Because that would open up all sorts of broadcast capabilities. https://github.com/CYRiXplaysHalo/CarnageReporter/releases/tag/v0.5
  12. The folder where it will output game files and text files. You can make this whatever you want but just make sure it's a valid full folder path.
  13. I released v 0.4, which works on all MCC PC titles -- 1/2/2A/Reach: https://github.com/CYRiXplaysHalo/CarnageReporter/releases/tag/v0.4-beta
  14. https://github.com/CYRiXplaysHalo/CarnageReporter What is Carnage Reporter? This is currently a simple python script that will save off your Halo 1 MCC PC carnage report files into a non-temporary directory to preserve them since the game simply overwrites this file in its temporary directory after a new game is completed. Doing this allows you to have in-game session level stats for your stream as well as help report Halo 1 MCC PC stats to halo1hub.com where there will (eventually) be more in-depth stats than what you can get on Halo Waypoint. I don't stream, why should I still use this? With this application we can create a database of in-depth stats for each game that will allow us to better understand Halo 1 MCC PC. So in addition to being able to track yourself throughout your career on MCC PC, we can better understand trends in the game itself like: what exactly is the distribution of maps selected for each playlist? are the maps balanced? are the maps balanced any different than OG? Additionally, as long as one person per game submits stats, we will be able to record stats for all players in that game. How does it work? Halo 1 MCC PC generates an XML file after each multiplayer game. These files give you every statistic and medal for each player and team. This script simply monitors the folder this file is created in, and copies it over to another folder where we can save it off, use it for streams and send it to halo1hub.com How do I install it? While the code is open source, in order to submit stats to halo1hub.com you must use the compiled release version. You can find the latest version here: https://github.com/CYRiXplaysHalo/CarnageReporter/releases
  15. Hey all, I've been doing a lot of researching into what are the best ways to play the original xbox and I figured I'd start dumping things somewhere. Basically, as Legend, Devilman, and presumably others have found out playing on CRT Monitors is an extremely good and affordable lagless option. The picture quality is tremendous and CRT Monitors have been gaining a lot of attention recently for their "lagless" gaming experience among retro gamers. At this point I think this is the best way to go at this point provided you can find a CRT monitor. So far the CPNT2VGAA adapter from StarTech has been tested and show to take the component signal from the xbox and convert it into VGA for a CRT monitor. Now, what about LCD's? The first test I've done shows at least one way to laglessly play on an LCD (when compared to a CRT). Here is the setup I used: And here are the results: Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGDkeAxCdTo Burst Shot Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/DRdulUE The device I use to convert from component to HDMI I had laying around but surprisingly works. If you look at the images and video I will admit the CRT seems to handle motion a little better and deliver a crisper image (although maybe that's because of my phone's camera?), but the fact remains that the LCD display's response time is equal to the CRT's. If you want to see some legitimate lag testing of the AverMedia C285 device there's also this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLj511sas4w I have some other tests I want to run but just wanted to share this. No one's really accepted the thought that LCD's can perform as well as CRT's and I don't think that's always the case. If you have a good gaming monitor and connect your xbox to it in the right way, then you can probably see similar results. I'll update this thread with some more testing later as I believe I can get a better image fed to the LCD via passive component-to-vga cables and a VGA bios. Also, here's some reading on CRT response times I thought was interesting: https://www.resetera.com/threads/crts-have-8-3ms-of-input-lag-addressing-a-common-misconception-about-display-latency.40628/
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