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  1. <3 Crouch On! just noticed while trying to gather some new things to read. I appreciate the love Savage.
  2. Halo is one of few main factors for my love towards the xbox 360. Im gonna wait until spring or summer of next year to purchase the xbox one but that would change if Halo 4 was accessible. Of course people are getting the xbox one for many other reasons that are more important than Halo 4. But thats just how I feel
  3. Penance is definitely a unique one. Glad you mentioned it.
  4. #halotober Have fun on halo 3 everyone. The ones who stick around will be remembered for their loyalty... But then again no one cares about loyalty anymore so then its my pride thats holding me down.
  5. the irony... makes me sad sometimes but this one makes laugh. xD
  6. I know many of you like myself have been around for quite some time. I'm in class right now bored out of mind and I thought this would be an epic topic. If you can recall your first or one of your first memories on halo, what would it be? For me, I was playing H3 back in 07' (My first Halo game) and I bought the game when it was released but I had no live. So I figured I should play gta III or need 4 speed on my PS2 instead of playing the campaign. I wasn't going to be able to earn achievements because I didn't have xbox live. So I headed over to my cousins house to try out multiplayer with him and I remember picking up my first weapon, the plasma pistol on guardian. I was blown away by the fire rate, I kept on pressing the trigger rapidly because it was fun to spray a weapon at an enemy lol, after that, I walked towards overshield and I got sniped by my cousin. He then decided to teabag me which looked really weird to me at the time because I had no clue what he was doing to my body... So while he was rubbing his spartan balls all over my visor :gandhi:. He then charged up the plasma pistol and shot my dead body with it. I was going insane because I thought it was just the sickest thing to charge up a weapon LMAO. I look back at it now and say wow........ I've come so far with Halo, and memories like that are the reason why my heart has unconditional love for it. Moments like that just put a smile on my face. So that's the story, I'd love to see some similar or outrageous stories from you. Share? And enjoy the rest of your day everyone. Crouch On! -Dom
  7. Thanks Tej! sorry for the late reply.
  8. I go by a few names on the interwebs. Casual Dom, Crouching Dom & CrouchingSpartan. Not so big on signing up with forums but Ive heard that this is one of the few Halo related sites out there that has a good amount of active people to converse with. If my expereince here is great! then I look to be a daily member. Some info about me: (as if anyone cares any way) Fav games of my life time: Mario cart N64, Super smash bros N64, Rachet & clank PS2, League of legends, every halo, GTA vice city, god of war 1&2, war craft 3, red alert 2, wii sports, call of duty 4 & 6, BF3, bulletstorm. Drinks: gatorade, snapple, bud light, screw water, modelo, redbull and sprite. Last year of high school!! Sports: Swimming, footbal, soccer. Android FTW Halo fan/player: 2007 favorite social sites: Youtube, twitch, instagram & twittter. Favorite streamers: Ninja, Theoddone, sivHD, bbkdragoon, formal and saucey. Top 3 Halo campaign's: Reach, halo wars, ODST thanks for reading btw and enjoy your day! Crouch On! -Dom B)
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