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  1. I have a group all in our late 20's to mid 30's that play together a few times per week that would love to get involved in a more competitive environment than matchmaking without having to play against teams of people who have long periods of time to practice daily. Hope this can happen.
  2. GT: Wake The Dead Looking to run Team Arena,Team Slayer or Random 8's with new people of any level, I have ranked out in high diamond/onyx every season in Slayer,Arena and FFA and I play around 6-10CST almost every night. Send a request on XBL if you want to run some games.
  3. Looking for teams of 2 to scrim slayer matches against will also play anything you like too we are just looking to work on strats and team work as a pair as much as possible. We play every night from 7-10ish CST send a FR/message to Wake Soprano on XBL to set something up.
  4. Team of 2-3 that plays consistently(2 of us have been teaming since Halo 2) looking for a couple older/mature(we're all late 20's early 30's) and smart players to give us a consistent group to grind up to Onyx in Arena and Slayer. We have capped out Diamond 6 almost every season and are sick of trying to party up with players we meet through MM, we play pretty much nightly around 7pmCST until someone needs to sign off, if interested PM me on here or send a friend request to Wake Soprano on XBL.
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