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  1. Watch how every member of CLG uses automatics at the right time. SMGs and ARs every close battle. EG gets wrecked so much because they just want to use pistols for some reason. Snipedown flanked someone that had a Light Rifle and he kept his pistol out for some reason. Chokes shots and gets turned on by a weapon that's 2x as easy to use. EG also seems to rarely win 1vs1 battles as well. Snipedown has got to be 3-20 on 1vs1 battles tonight.
  2. Any ranking system in this game or a MMR system to match equally skilled players? Custom games? Had a fun time in the beta, but not thinking about buying it without some form of a competitive system like ranks. Does the mindless running around change with skilled players? Timing power ups, controlling map sections, etc?
  3. Ranking system in Halo 5 is toast. Before this glitch, the so called "ELO system" became gaining/losing 15 CSR no matter who you played. This game has honestly gotten progressively worse since launch in many areas. Servers, the ranking system, the gamemodes, maps in rotation, map weighting, etc.
  4. I agree with all of these changes. But, this game is already extremely cluttered. Different gametypes have different weapons/powers for each map and it's already a lot to keep track of. Now a whole playlist will have different weapons and power ups? Would be a lot for casual players to keep track of. I 100% feel like your changes would improve FFA tenfold, but I think all this is starting to get to be too much. I'd much rather FFA be on forge maps only so it's easier to remember what maps have what and where. Instead of trying to remember which version of Riptide you're playing, you can remember one specific forge map that doesn't change for FFA and isn't in other playlists. That's not going to happen though. How did we get to the point where maps and weapons/power ups have to be extremely altered to work for individual gametypes? Peoole will say what they want about BR starts with an extremely limited sandbox, but it was fun, easy, and simple. You didn't have to balance 20 different things.
  5. Really wish there was a locked thread or something like that where someone could just post updates on anything that happened. Somewhere where there is a list of notable things that's easy and quick to access.
  6. Not even close to the same point commonly was making lol. You can't compare a league like the NBA to Halo.
  7. What does Hyena think of Halo 1? I imagine he could make quite a montage out of that game.
  8. Didn't most of us play Halo because it was different than other games? I don't get this obsession to be like other games nowadays. I wonder how much people play Halo 5 because of the abilities and wouldn't play other wise. It seems like the majority of people that play Halo 5 are lifelong Halo fans, or fans since atleast Halo 3. Those numbers are probably impossible to calculate, but I don't think these new abilities are selling points to a lot of people. Maybe were the minority, maybe not, but it feels like some of these changes are too much for older fans and not enough for newer FPS players. Oh well, not like things are going to change any way. And COD 4 was fucking awesome. I have hated COD since MW2 and will never touch another COD game, but COD 4 was the shit. I put as much time into that game as Halo 3, which was a lot. Abilities play a big role in liking a Halo or COD game, but at the end of the day, it's if the game is consistently fun or not.
  9. The biggest problem with Halo 5 is that it's hard to consistently have fun. Some hours I'll be playing fair teams, I'll get good maps like Coliseum, Plaza, Truth, and Eden. Little automatic use, a lot of pistol vs. pistol battles, close games, etc. I'll be having a blast. Then the next hour I'll get Riptide, Overgrowth, and Torque 2 times. Spartan charges, quitters, heavy automatic use, etc. Halo 5 is fun, but it's not fun most of the time.
  10. Has being able to YY and throw 2 grenades at once been posted here yet?
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