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  1. I was actually thinking of making an Android app for this. It would be card based almost and each player could have 10 - 20 different stats that they are given a rating on. I was actually thinking of taking it a step further and making it into a football manager type thing where you build a team and compete in competitive play through a sort of top down turn based game where you dictate moves for each of your players that they perform and every 5 seconds you take another turn and do it again. I have menus made, character movement, AI pathfinding, sound, collision and a bunch of stuff done already. Not sure if I'll keep working on it or not, it's kind of a pet project right now as I'm not sure many people would want to play and I'm sure people would get bothered about the ratings given to pros in different attributes.
  2. There are a lot of Europeans on here that follow the NA teams because they are better and it's more interesting. It's stupid to say that Europeans don't care about Halo.
  3. I agree. I think we should start ranking teams based on matchmaking performances. They are 4th worst and 2nd best.
  4. Yeah, Ace hit every rail shot and moved up to elbow and you look back and the rest of the team aren't even out of their side.
  5. Could be for the best. Stats don't mean everything but he's constantly bottom 2 on the board. Ninja is sometimes lower than him but Ninja also has games where he puts up huge numbers. Victory isn't a standout player, though he is totally a good player. I just don't know why you could pick for an upgrade though. Most players better than Victory already have teams they are happy with.
  6. Jimbo's new team is going to be so good. Jimbo and snipedrone were obviously the best on Epsilon. Jimbo always had the team on his back, though snipedrone pulled his weight. TuFoxy seems like the second best EU player outside of Jimbo so he's an awesome pickup. Chalkie is super solid too. Major upgrade over the buks. They could definitely play for top 8 NA again. Not sure about top 4 though.
  7. It's always cool to have LANs, even if they're local ones, but I'm just not enjoying this EGL one. No game sound and the stream quality is really poor. No gamertags in game just "Locke" and "Buck" and the like, which makes it less interesting to watch. The overlay names for the players are wrong too so the only way to know who's who is by what Walshy and friend are saying. To kill the hype altogether there's still big waiting times between games. I'm disappointed as I was looking forward to this. Maybe I'm being too negative.
  8. The montage was amazing, I'm just disappointed that they didn't finish the montage with the sick double snapshot that spartan got during his drunk stream. He got up and did pushups immediately after, it would have made for a brilliant finish.
  9. I wonder if Cratos still thinks E6 are the only team that can beat CLG and that he's the best player in the game.
  10. Has anybody else noticed that the audio left and right are switched? I'm wearing my headphones backwards to hear shots correctly on each side.
  11. So if you guys were a member of CLG and Lxthul quit halo to follow his dream to be a runway model, who would you pick to replace him if your only options were Ace and Stellur?
  12. Yeah, they have a minor genetic advantage that is enough to give an advantage of small fractions second in a sprint. I don't think men have an intellectual superiority over women that makes them superior in chess or video games. Yeah though, this is way off topic for a thread about HCS and I don't have a meme folder to make it more interesting so there's no point in getting too deep into this. Victory is back tho.
  13. We're not all PC warriors because we disagree with you. Women are vastly under-represented in chess. The best individuals from a larger group outperform the best individuals from a smaller group. This is commonly observed in statistics. You can think of it in terms of EU to NA players in halo if you want. The larger NA group has the best players. Is it because NA players are genetically superior to EU players? No. There is a larger group for good players to emerge from. This also leads to more LANs and other factors too. There is no reason to believe that women can't play chess as well as men or are intellectually inferior to men. Even with the tiny percentage of women who play halo there are many women who can play extremely well which I think shows that women don't have a problem with reaction time either. Here's an article about women in chess that I found interesting too. http://scienceblogs.com/notrocketscience/2008/12/23/why-are-there-so-few-female-chess-grandmasters/
  14. I went with EG, E6, nV, Optic too. A lot of upset potential here though.
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