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  1. I still am looking for one more competitive player that can communicate efficiently, understands strats, and is willing to learn from constructive criticism. Preferably a high onyx qualified player (this also includes diamonds based on solo queuing). My teammates and I are all EST and we are in school which ends this month and will be grinding a lot over the summer. If interested just hmu. My GT is SpeedYFinessE. Thanks guys.
  2. Send me a message on XBL. GT: SpeedYFinessE
  3. I have a To3 and ready to grind. My teammates and I are onyx players although we dont have high ranks in the HCS Summer playlist yet. But we are onyx qualified players. Add me at SpeedyFPS and/or SpeedYFinessE. We are HS students but will be grinding over the summer alot.
  4. Add me. GT: SpeedyFPS and also at SpeedYFinessE
  5. Hey guys I'm looking for some competitive and dedicated players to team with. I am looking for people who know the game and are willing to learn and improve and develop team strategies. I am looking for people who are ranked in onyx preferably or who are qualified to play in that tier. I am 18 and wanting to compete. My time zone is Eastern and i am able to play most nights. I work at nights 4 days a week until June and then I will be able to grind for about 3 hours or more every night. This week i am able to grind every day until friday. My GT is SpeedYFinessE. Please message me on there if interested. Thanks guys.
  6. Looking for teams to scrim mostly on Saturday and Sunday nights around 7:00 - 10:00 EST. If you are interested just let me know on here or hmu on XBL at SpeedYFinessE Thanks!
  7. When is the next 4v4 tourney going to be?
  8. Looking to schedule some best out of 3 or 7 4v4 scrims. Hit me up on here or XBL if interested. GT: SpeedYFinessE Timezone: EST Teammate GTs: t00th18, FreedoM H5, Evens H5
  9. Looking for a good player that: -Is clean -Can Call out -Can Listen -Is willing to learn from his/her mistakes -Can stay positive and focused -Is willing to develop strategy -Is active My GT is SpeedYFinesse or you can message me on here. I'm looking for someone that is in diamond/onyx rank. Timezone: NA EST
  10. No description was entered
  11. Hey quick question. How often do Halo 5 4v4/ 1v1/ 2v2 tourneys happen? Or is that not possible to answer based on TBD circumstances? Thanks!
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