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  1. RyaNoob confirmed for being racist
  2. Solid team but I don't see them taking down the GodSquad. Top 4.
  3. Any of these really.. Crash Bandicoot SSBM MGS3 H2
  4. Would be nice to see the tD name return but I wonder if he's any good tbh lol.
  5. Forgot about that. It was 2011 btw
  6. Ryanoob and LethuL have teamed and so has Naded and Goofy. Interesting to see how they'll work together. Buuut if Naded ever goes to Legit/Ninja, they better use Perfect Storm.
  7. I match up with too many kids who quit either on my team or the opposing team. Shit is ridiculous :bravo:
  8. aPG replacing RyaNoob yet again :gandhi:
  9. Really excited to play throwdown! Let's gooo :unclesudd: Oh, if anyone is willing to play with a noob, add Haste Senpai.
  10. Now all we need is 2gre back...
  11. I'm looking for an online team/doubles partner for 8's or PGLs. Nothing too serious. I just want to play for fun since I don't have any future plans for events and such. I'm not very good at the game either so I hope it's not too frustrating when you play with me lol. Hit me up: Haste Senpai.
  12. hit me up: Haste Senpai not planning on doing anything seriously like events and such. will do 2v2's, 4v4s, etc. oh and im not very good either lol
  13. They really are Crowd Pleasers..
  14. Name: Keishi Gamertag: Haste Senpai Games Played: h1, h2, h3, halo reach, h4 Area in California: Southern California Future Gaming Plans: Online fun, maybe some online tourneys..not sure about events yet.
  15. Weird bracket..we'll see what happens this weekend .
  16. Will start to play more once school ends. GT: Haste Senpai
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