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  1. Definitely more negatives than positives. Not even going to have faith for this halo or even the next one anymore.
  2. It's what happens with online qualifiers. Least he owned up to it, though he probably would have kept lying if T2 didn't have video proof.
  3. aPG kills teams when he's replacing RyaNoob. Now that he's teaming with him he'll be fine .
  4. Rumble Pit and Regicide is individual so K/D is more important but wins also have some factor in your CSR.
  5. There can only be one GOAT and we all know who that is. If Ola had been dominant from the very beginning then he can definitely contend for being the GOAT but it's just not happening. The title of goat will never be taken away from Ogre 2. Not saying Ola is a bad player at all though, dude is a monster in all the games he competed in.
  6. Classic to drop aPG for 2gre. RyaNoob to get dropped for aPG :saucey: .
  7. Tsquared's wigger ass vs Gandhi on the forums were hysterical. But really, this shit has been going on for years, it's nothing new.
  8. Guess ninja was right...the curse has been lifted off Neighbor and moved to aPG.
  9. Probably the twitch chat. We all know how the halo community is like :gandhi: .
  10. Honestly wouldn't mind the AR start as long as enough BRs are put on the map.
  11. Haste


    130k when i was there.
  12. Map - Lockout Gametype - CTF Weapon - H2 BR Playlist - Team Hardcore
  13. Infamous to verbal everyone they play.
  14. Instead of adding real changes they add these two shit perks into the game. K :quinn: I'm done.
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