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  1. I have to ask, what can I do with my settings to best mitigate H5's horrible aiming? I can never find a setting to settle on. It never feels right


    Your not alone, I too struggle with this. 


    Plays Halo for 1-2 hours, switch to Destiny = Aims like god crushes in PvP

    Plays Halo for 1-2 hours, switch to COD = Aims like god, still gets wrecked because of connection

    Plays any game thats not Halo 5 for 1-2 minutes, switches to Halo = Aims like trash

  2. This is the radar the game should have shipped with. It elevates the game more than I expected. For Halo 5 i think this is the superior choice compared to no radar at all.



    The fact that im saying that is evidence of the mechanical problems of the game, because no radar should work better, but thats a halo 6 problem at this point.

    I agree, I really prefer the new radar, I just want more people ranking in Proving Grounds playlist to balance the matches right now its been very feast or famine for me.


    On your second point, my guess is that H6 MP will just be re-skinned H5 with new maps and a bit of weapon re-balancing. I seriously doubt they will simplify movement options.

  3. You guys ever notice that when the eSports community asks for something -  6 months to a year later, we get some half baked compromise instead? 


    :sleeping:  :sleeping:  :sleeping:


    So my sister wasn't great at school, meanwhile I was an A student. My parents were more pleased when my sister went from a D to a C than when I got all A for multiple report cards in a row.


    343 has been delivering us low grades for a while excuse us for being happy when they improve. Its Halo and like a parent loves their children, I will love Halo whether it is straight A student like H3 was or the C student that H5 is.


    I do not condone the failures of 343 I simply acknowledge that improvement should be praised.

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  4. Oh Halo my sweet song of sorrow to you...


    Play Crack the Sky - Brand New


    We sent out the SOS call

    It was a quarter past 4 in the morning
    When the storm broke our second anchor line
    Four months at sea 4 months of calm seas to be pounded
    In the shallows off the tip of montauk point
    They call them rogues they travel fast and alone
    One hundred foot faces of God's good ocean gone wrong
    What they call love is a risk

    Cause you will always get hit out of nowhere by some wave and end up on your own
    The hole in the hull defied the crews attempts to bail us out
    And flooded the engines and radio and half buried bow
    Your tongue is a rudder

    It steers the whole ships sends your words past your lips
    Or keeps them safe behind your teeth
    But the wrong words will strand you
    Come off course while you sleep

    Sweep your boat out to sea or dashed to bits on the reefs
    The vessel groans the ocean pressures its frame
    Off the port I see the lighthouse through the sleet and the rain
    And I wished for one more day to give my love and repay debts
    But the morning finds our bodies washed up thirty miles west
    They say that the captain stays fast with the ship through still and storm

    But this ain't the Dakota and the water is cold
    We won't have to fight for long this is the end
    This story's old but it goes on and on until we disappear

    Calm me and let me taste the salt you breathed while you were underneath
    I am the one who haunts your dreams of mountains sunk below the sea
    I spoke the words but never gave a thought to what they all could mean

    I know this is what you want
    A funeral keeps both of us apart
    You know that you are not alone
    Need you like water in my lungs
    This is the end




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  5. The only reason managers can submit rosters without concent, is because ESL deemed this is the case, with this ruling.


    There was nothing stopping ESL from saying something like:


    "Based on conversations with all parties and evidence presented to us, it's clear that Bubu Dubu had no intention, or contractual obligation to team with Cratos prior to roster lock so we are declining Showtimes roster submission.


    Furthermore, we realize that the wording in the official rulebook can be interpreted to imply that managers can claim players without consent from the player or the organization representing the player. This is not the case and was never the intention. Wording will be adjusted in future to make this more clear.


    Given the confusion surrounding the "Teams" section of the rulebook and our interest in maintaining the integrity of HCS and HWC, we have decided not to award a Pro League seed to either party. Instead we'll .... yadada"


    ESL has all the power at the end of the day. And they just made a stupid ruling.


    100% agree!


    The only way it makes sense for the manager to submit a roster without all players' consent would be if a player specifically signed his playing rights to an organization and a representative separate from the manager signed off on the roster in place of the player.


    Otherwise in my opinion no roster should be valid until all parties(Manger, Org, and all players) have signed the roster. 

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  6. The only reason to have a manager is to have a single point of contact between the team and the league.


    The manager isn't really needed to give the Org power over the seed. All the Org has to do is make sure two players have a contract that extends beyond the roster lock.


    I don't buy the 'oversight' excuse, as always, rules are open to interpretation, and THIS particular interpretation is different from what EVERYONE ELSE came away with. They've interpreted their own rules incorrectly.


    Not only that, but the rules give ESL the power to change the rules AT ANY TIME, in the interest of maintaining the integrity of the league. They wrote that clause FOR THE PURPOSE of responding to unforeseen issues with the rules as written. So there was no need for ESL to assume that integrity from managers/teams would prevent this - ESLs own integrity could have prevented this.


    To me the bottom line is that managers currently can submit rosters WITHOUT consent from the players, which should not be the case at all, and I don't even know how it could be enforced legally.


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  7. Just getting caught up on he Cratos scandal.


    This simply highlights to me how infantile eSports still are today. It seems to me that the rules as stated were followed by ESL and that the ruling is "fair" from that perspective.

    One of the problems with eSports is that the teams are so small that in order to improve, new combinations form frequently. Its not fair to organizations for them to be top 3 one event and then their whole team dissolves. The manager rule does help give the orgs  a modicum of power, but the roster turned in should be signed by each player prior to formal submital. Anything short of that should be considered invalid.

    This has to be an oversight by ESL not an intended functional rule. ESL may have thought that integrity would prevent this type of thing or just completely missed that this could even happen. I don't think that a manager should ever have the authority to sign players up for a team without their consent.

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  8. *in response to another vague spartan tweet



    I'll take this tweet just like I take all his other shitty #fazeup tweets- as nothing until they pick an org.

    You gotta wonder what Org will want to appear to be Problem Solver's consolation prize with the whole spamming orgs thing


    I'm getting so sick of these kinda tweets.... he says say "Aww... I'm just trolling" but its really childish. If I'm a Halo pro(which I am definitely not) , I want to be as desirable as possible to my team members and org.


    Any team looking for a player and assuming skill is equal, who do they want, a guy like Snakebite or a guy like Spartan?


    To me "just trolling" is the RL equivalent of someone who is just an asshole who masks their shittyness by acting like their joking.

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  9. What are y'all's thoughts on the thrust mechanism? Do you think it's a copout for strafing, or is it a legit mechanism but just imperfectly implemented in H5, or is it fine the way it is?


    imo it could have a lot more depth. but I'm not 100% sure how. and it definitely does step on the toes of a good strafe, esp. in H5 when strafe accel is so low


    I personally don't hate thrust because it does allow players to poke a bit more and chase down players a bit more, I just wish it could be a more offensive tool rather than defensive. Maybe make it reset your CD on your shields like sprint does.


    I think 343 did a good job balancing it in terms of the cool down and how powerful quickly and far it moves you. It is a million times better than the H4 version.

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  10. Yup, and that Huke wasn't the player he is now in terms of Halo smarts. 


    Interesting point. Do you guys think that Huke is becoming a "Glue" player that happens to be one of the best slayers. Similar to Lethul? 


    The more I watch nV the more it feels like he is always making the "best" plays and his teammates lives easier, opening up the map while slaying like crazy. Also, I've noticed he calls a lot of pushes, and rarely wastes calls outs, he does like 80% small talk.


    More and more he is reminding me of Royal 2, Lethul, and Snakebite rolled up into one super talented 17 year old.

    Stylewise, not saying is as good as all 3 combined, just saying his style is a combo between those three.

  11. Xbox controllers are the biggest POS ever now. All the XB1 controllers break the exact same way.


    In what way do they break, the bumpers? You can repair them for like $3-$4.


    As a mechanical engineer, the XB1 bumpers are literally designed to fall apart. They have two designs. The new controllers designed in a specific section that is intended to flex to make them feel springy(that's why they feel "better" than the day one controller), but the part closer to the bumper gets so many cycles of strain that it fatigues and breaks because it gets brittle. Plastic is not meant to be flexed for millions of cycles, and that is how they designed their controller.

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  12. Playing a little Devil's Advocate here, please don't hate me.

    We(myself included) argue that H5 has less skill gap than previous Halos while simultaneously one specific team won the vast majority of tournaments very convincingly.


    Isn't that a bit contradictory? Doesn't skill gap lend it self to more predicable results i.e. more skilled teams/players win more often due to their "skill advantage".

    Halo 5 has seen very little parody. Numbing the game down to COD level would mean that any team could win due to randomness. 


    Finally why might this be, that our lowest skill gap game has had the most predictable results?

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