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  1. Shinobi armor, his variant is Heartless, but either one looks cool with the magnum out.
  2. You forgot that everything in pre-343 looked battle-worn and had character, not made of plastic,like literally everything in Halo 5.
  3. The best comment on that thread was this gem, "God you're the reason r/Halo gets made fun of by the competitive community" I do wish pro gameplay/discussions/clips/vids got more upvotes on r/Halo though. It seems to be where 343 focuses a lot of their community interaction. This is a good clip though and at 800 900+ up arrows now.
  4. Anyone else notice how one side all the maps were last night in the nV Optic scrim. The maps nV won, they steam rolled Optic, the maps that Optic won, they steam rolled nV.
  5. This r/halo in a nutshell On snip3down's killtac against Optic
  6. Thank you! This so much! Ring around the one shot rosie is the worst... PERIOD
  7. True dat, we had a LAN for CE and H2 for my buddies 30th birthday party. 20 guys showed up for it, 6 original xboxes, some of the guys never played it. I shit on all of them so hard it was wonderful. Halo 5 will never have this in 15 years.
  8. Pretty similar to my solution, Top 4 in winners bracket, 5&6 start in losers, relegation winners start losers. Seems fair even if an Am team won the whole thing that would be the greatest feat of all time. It would probably create a TON of hype.
  9. Does anyone know why LAN is no longer possible? Why is the networking that much more complex? Xbox Live doesn't seem to work any better than it did 8 years ago on Xbox 360. I really am tired of developers trying to convince us that we don't need to play video games in the same room as our friends.
  10. How does one organize a LAN on Halo 5? We can't just ask people to bring their xboxes and TV's to a warehouse, like we used to. Unfortunately its not like it used to be, at all. 343 in all their wisdom raised the entry barrier to running LANs so as far I can tell, NO I can't just run my own LAN Tournament. Correct me if I'm wrong @@Timo ? In H2 we pooled our money to rent out a movie theater and played LANs weekly. Once it became popular people would all chip in and we added prize money and everything. This is not possible in Halo 5.
  11. Thanks for the response Timo, we appreciate you being so active on the forums. This season is really shaping up to be much better than last. I have to disagree though, personally I would really love to see an Am team grind through to the Relegation Tournament, catch fire and win the whole thing. That would be absolutely beautiful! If they can win their way into the season ending tournament, and beat the winner bracket team twice, they will have earned their spot, and victory. Maybe the pro's could weigh in on whether or not they think that an Am team winning the LAN would be fair, they would be the ones it affects. As a spectator, that would be epic. There would be a TON of advantage to placing top 4 so the pro league standings still matter a lot. As much as we enjoy the online league, we all know that LAN >>>>> Online, therefore any team winning the LAN deserves it.
  12. Dude... seriously don't make it personal. This is how the forums get a bad name, and get called toxic. APG is being constructive, you are being destructive.
  13. 343 will never nerf something they added to the sandbox, they only buff their "inventions". Plasma Caster and Hydra come to mine.
  14. No radar would make flanks way more effective, and it would be easier to break setups. People crouch/camp and they know exactly when someone is coming. It makes it much easier to use the true noob combo of H5, spam auto then beatdown. If you must have radar increase its range, and only show up if you are shooting/sprinting/thrusting/ect... That way it keeps flanks in check to some degree without the need for crab walking so often. I can definitely see no radar at all making the games harder to control and set up. So it seems like a fair compromise to use modded radar.
  15. Yeah.... So they have the same record as 4 other teams, beat the god squad handily, and lost to the worst team handily. TB Forums: The Ficklest of Hearts A fickle heart Begets a fickle Mind of fickle Thoughts
  16. Any chance of using this format for the next pro league? - Top 4 get to start in the LAN winners bracket - 5th & 6th must start in the LAN losers bracket - 7th and 8th still play the relegation tournament - Then the winners of the Relegation tournament also get to start in the loser bracket.
  17. Me seeing your gold name, and sig, but still havn't seen the LOL vs EG Match
  18. Not at all relevant, but It is actually MORE entertaining reading posts from last year before the Hurricane Lethul, hindsight after all. Some Highlights from December 2015 - Lots of people arguing for Single Elimination Brackets - Saucey on using radar for TB Tourney's, "We can start a settings revolution later. :ghost: - People saying that only EG and nV are any good - People asking who Frosty is, and where he came from, "Lethuls chat" according to him. - People saying they think Flamesword is the best player on Optic(old optic, Flamesword, Maniac, Stellur) - People actually complimenting ESL, "ESL is doing a great job with a pro-league and S1 final (HCS style structure) for Gears" - People calling worlds Denial, "Contra and Friends" because no one knew Huke or Bubu Dubu - Royal 2 Perfection buzz for going 23 - 0 in a scrim - Vin complaining that EG doesn't play enough (still with lethul) - The cries for NO RADAR were just as loud then as now, except Ryanoob, who thinks radar makes no difference. - People complaining about Ninja's stream going into sub mode
  19. "Didn't play Stasis Flag".... Interesting I'm beginning to see a pattern here.
  20. Looks like nV finally figured out how to beat Liquid. Liquid really had their number for a while surprised to see nV on top of that scrim 3 - 10. Lots of close games but still. I suspect that tonights match is gonna be lit.
  21. You would think that getting value out of an investment means providing the best product, unfortunately that isn't always true. A lot of acquisitions don't improve the businesses, they destroy them. Many times the purchase is to leverage brands, processes, or specific products and then they remove whatever is leftover. Not saying that will be the case for eSports since the goal is to get income from sponsorship/merchandise/ect... Sorry to be so cynical, but my experience with corporations/large investment firms is that Shareholders > Customers.
  22. From what I've heard he jumped on very early, and IS someone who is passionate about it. EDIT: Looks like he started his team in 2015, he and his son bonded over video games and that is where he found his passion.
  23. What role do they play in these Orgs? Have they seen better marketing polish, additional financial backing or improved professionalism?
  24. NBA teams sounds great and all, maybe they will inject money into the sport but I doubt it. Its likely just an investment, I doubt they actually care about video games. Its a good time to jump on the eSports bandwagon, the cost is low, and to upside is huge. To me eSports and Halo need more orgs like Optic. They are using media to leverage their brand better than any other org. They provide a constant stream of content targeted at their exact audience. This is building a huge following. I'm way more interested in Scump and watching him play because of all the content he puts out. Winning championships sound great and it is, but optic is winning where it truly counts, with the fans. Maybe there is another org that does this as good as Optic? Edit: The dreaded double post.... Forgive me, TB usually hits 2-3 messages before I can type a book like that.
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