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  1. I've been off the forum for a while now, I saw the no-radar match, but I didn't really get to see the forums and aftermath, where players stand, 343, ect. Can someone point me in the right direction to start?
  2. It probably started off as nothing, and then it became a thing, now its his thing. Thus the Frosty brand is born.
  3. Haha... this makes the T2 saving lunch money and sleeping on the floor in a friends hotel comment so much better. Back in my day....
  4. Optic made their name on COD success, a lot of their content creators are COD players so it makes sense that they have that as priority number one. I think they can use that popularity to cross over into other e-sports. I'm no COD fan but it is kinda fun to see Scump ROFL stomp casuals in random lobbies. He gets 80+ kills regularly.
  5. I'd love to see the stars of Optic use their pull to help support Halo. Get Bigtymer, Scump and others to show up at the events to support Optic Halo. It may create some crossover fans and buzz. Right now Scump is running vids on teaching COD to Flamesword and Maniac, why not have Snakebite or Royal 2 teach some of the guys some Halo?
  6. Writes well thought out post that engages TB and is respectful.... Apologizes for length Good guy Snakebite
  7. From Simms - no radar. Needs to go 100% to allow H5 to play at it's designed competitive speed. - reduced autos on map or reduce the auto ammo. Help combat camping and allow for more 1v1 engagements and gunskill battles. - no AR secondary or an AR damage nerf with reduced ammo. It's not a utility weapon at present, it's a full on secondary. - no SPNKR rockets, just H5 ones only please. Don't fix what's not broken, SPNKRs are slow and sluggish. - shotgun or scatter 20 second increased respawn timer. Would allow for less in game abuse by 1 team. - remove hit markers. Nades are now been used as an item to find people, not kill them. - remove Spartan charge. (open to keeping it tbh) Just personally find it a get out of jail free card for sprinting/been unaware. - stop silly nade abuse/yolo throwing. Lower the amount of nades a player can carry or remove some from map, way too many free nade kills. - keep magnum start. As a H2 boy I love the BR but my god it hits so hard and would be too OP and not fun. - Add Mercy as a slayer map. Open to looking at Tyrant and testing for slayer with better weapon placements. (Also keen to see OG oddball and assault looked at but needs to be OG style/settings) - fix the free killing sniper. Too long has this gun been OP, no scopes no longer take skill, they are a given . - look at weapons on map and why. (Personally hate fuel rod on Truth) I like the smg, I hate the storm rifle. Would happily keep the smg and bin off the latter. Edit - this extends to things like suppressors, stuff like this I find weird/unused/strange and these kind of map filler weapons I think would be easily swapped out and replaced by AR if it wasn't a secondary.
  8. No burn is worse than a Dadbite burn... Its like when your parents aren't mad, they are just disappointed.
  9. Yup... If home-field advantage was a thing in e-sports, I kinda like the way soccer does cups. Its a home and away aggregate score that determines who moves on, then the final is a single match for all the glory. It does a nice job of ensuring the best teams make it to the final while still allowing for the suspenseful finish.
  10. Does that mean they get points or better placement in the qualifiers? Did they get anything other than Prize Money?
  11. Agree 100%, probably faster cheaper than a flight too. Generally I prefer not to fly if its less than 6 hour drive. Its usually much cheaper and more convenient for me.
  12. Seems cheap but you gotta send like many people.... so multiply that by many people and bam... you got metric shitload. Anyone who has planned a vacation with a family understands. You see that $270 flight and you think not so bad, then you realize you gotta get a ticket for the wife, the kid you like, the kid you don't like, and the baby, who for some reason needs his own seat. Now your looking at $1350 bucks, then you go... thats just the flight what about the hotel. Travel is expensive man... Source: self, sales engineer
  13. 45 min flight still cost a metric shitload of money unfortunately.
  14. Can you explain why this forum is so good? Not just the posts, but the tools at the disposal of the posters. It allows us to really very easily and with little knowledge embed lots of stuff and quickly respond. I have not experienced such excellent forums prior.
  15. OT, but I agree with Halo 5 mechanics. A lot of people compliment the way Destiny feels, I just grabbed the collection on the cheap the other day started playing the Multiplayer, and it feels kinda slow and clunky, and has way to much aim assist, I honestly aim like a god in that game. I must say Halo 5 "feels" tighter and more polished, heavy aim and all. It could be the fact that I have 100+ hours of H5 vs 5 hours of Destiny.
  16. whatchu mean? That shouldn't be enough to get and ESRP Rating of M, but then again this is the first Halo with a T rating. If the game has an M rating that means that you can't compete in it even with parental approval?
  17. I'm getting sick of everything in real life being made of plastic. Now that is extending into my halo games. The beauty of Bungie's Halo was that it was a time of war and resources were rationed across the UNSC, and everything looked battle worn and used, now everything looks brand new. Also, something with the lighting makes it all look plastic. Also, there was always blood in arena, where is my blood 343? I just can't enjoy my tea bagging when there isn't blood all over the floor next to the body.
  18. So..... I thought Ninja was a really humble guy and just a fun loving streamer. However, this plus the "I should be the best twitch streamer of all time, but I'm just unlucky" rant he went on earlier this week makes him sound a little arrogant, not to say that he is. Is he having a rough time lately or is this how it always is? Twins and EG are one of my favorites.... but Feelsgoodman for Vic X Incorrect.... Nothing is worse than the EG skins unfortunately. The EG skins just look like someone Painted it blue and badly photo-shopped it onto the pistol and AR. Otherwise I agree. Any notable pros playing the free for all? I haven't seen any yet just curious.
  19. Its been posted before and every time the same thing.... warm feelings .... remembering the anticipation of a new Halo... remember watching every single dev video and trailer 100 times... how much I loved and admired bungie.... then i think about the difference between that bungie and 343... then I get angry about the terrible direction they took the story..... then sad about how it is..... H1, H2, H3 was a golden era for Halo, small enough to have passion and craftsmanship big enough to deliver. Those games were made the way small studios make games, now its just a corporate army making Halo. Focus groups, cool features, and marketing. Also, if Halo 5 had the marketing team work on the campaign story, I would reckon it would be much better. Virtually everything from the Halo 5 campaign was vastly more interesting than anything in the H5 story.
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