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  1. I don't know if they will actually fix anything or not, TBH I want to believe then at least I will enjoy the game again placebo or real I don't care.
  2. People claim that Halo 5 just has low aim assist, when really it just has crappy aiming and lots of bullet magnetism. I honestly thought the bad aiming was a myth or in my head until I started playing Destiny and MWR the last couple months.
  3. If they fix Halo 5 aiming my family will think E6 got to me because I'll be playing so much Halo they won't see me again.
  4. While I wouldn't buy the announcer pack, I would buy the "Fix the fucking game" pack.... I think I'd pay $59.99 for that pack.... NM I already bought that pack October 2015 and am still waiting for my req pack to load.
  5. I have no faith in them sadly. Also, am I the only one who thinks its harder to aim on forge maps or in the Anniversery playlist for example?
  6. Its not due to difficulty, I mean it still feels weird even if I play a smurf account against golds or something. Its more so because it takes me several games to get used to the aiming and sometimes I just want to jump on play 2-3 games and jump off. When it takes 5-10 games to feel competent its not super fun. Once I get used to aiming its fine, just takes a long while for that. It doesn't even feel like its the aim assist its just normal small adjustments just feel like I have to move the stick a mile to get it to register then it goes past them, it feels "slippery" or something. To me MWR without aim assist is easier than H5 with aim assist. Destiny PVP at 30 frames is kinda terrible. That server tick rate is HORRIBLE. However, the aiming feels damn good, but your right there is a massive amount of aim assist in PVP.
  7. H5 is still fun for me. The biggest issue I have with it is that it is easy to switch FROM H5 to another console shooter like Destiny or MWR. In fact I always feel like a god when I switch from Halo to those games. However, when I switch back to Halo 5 it takes me ages to adjust to the aim and I'm trash for 5 - 10 games. It makes me not want to play Halo 5 at all.
  8. Haven't play for about 3 weeks.... this game has the worst aiming ever... I applaud the pro's at this event so much. After playing MWR and Destiny this game is unplayable. edit: Sorry off topic but I needed to vent.... How about that EG/NV series.... Ola with another huge game 5
  9. Walshy rolled his eyes so hard they almost fell out of his head when Cratos said he was the most talented player in the world....
  10. Phew.... The Optic vs Snip3down trash talk is entertaining, but to be honest all parties involved seem pretty sensitive. Too bad it took place behind closed doors essentially, a twitter smackdown would have generated more buzz. Hopefully someone can make a youtube video that documents the feud that seems to be going on so it can help create the storyline for finals.
  11. Here we all are trying to figure out the best way to have the end of season tournament, like civilized Halo fans. No name calling, just logical explanations for reasoning and thoughtful responses. Well done TB well done....
  12. I get what you mean, but I still think a split bracket would be miles better than leaving them out entirely. If ESL is that intent on making pro league placing important, that is about the most significant reward you can give to the top 4 teams and still have all 8 compete.
  13. If they are so concerned about making pro league matter, they could have top 4 start in the winners bracket, and make all the other teams start in a single Elim bracket.
  14. Anyone think it would be fun to see how many Bronze/Silver/Gold level players it would take to beat a Pro team of 4 in CTF or Strongholds. Something like first 4 Pros vs 4 scrubs, then 5 scrubs then 6 scrubs until they finally win. Sorry, I was perusing the feedback thread on reddit.
  15. I have met Tom Green and he has the softest hands of any person I have ever met. They were so soft and supple that it actually made me uncomfortable.
  16. This seems like its not updated with last nights scores.... If ESPN a company valued at 17 Billion dollars can update sports scores live so can ESL.
  17. They do for sure, but they shouldn't even have to get top 4 to prove how good they are on LAN. #8TEAMSEASONFINAL
  18. I'm more excited for Alton Brown's web show than I have been for anything Halo related since H3 release date! (not to disparage Halo, but more so how much I love Alton Brown)
  19. This is how I felt whenever my parents were fighting as a kid. I didn't care who was right or wrong, I just wanted it to stop.
  20. TB I'm mostly a Halo guy, but I grabbed Destiny collection a few weeks back. Looking for some people to raid with and play semi-consistently with. Right now I'v solo queued my way up to 379, but I want to raid and don't know people who play.
  21. I'm not a guru I don't think they have changed that much and that is the issue, I think everyone else has improved more quickly than the Twins. You can't really blame any one thing. Watch some replays, and Halo 5 has evolved loads since XGames, and I don't think EG has kept up that level of iterative improvement the other teams are getting. They look good at the start of every season, but as the season progresses they look worse and worse. I would chalk it up to lack of improvement more so than decline.
  22. Any pro's at UGC, how did the servers "feel" I know it wasn't true LAN, but given the solid connection did things feel snappy and consistent or was it just like scrims and online league?
  23. Started playing a few weeks back Destiny, need friends to play with... Also, the aiming is gewd in that game compared to H5. Also, Destiny has more Arena Playlists than H5 does.... and I get games faster. Played H5 yesterday after a couple week hiatus, no longer can aim. Also, used the Xbox accessories app to remap my controller to make Destiny have the same controls as Halo Bumperjumper.
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