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  1. When you pick a curve like "Aggressive" for example there is a slider that makes it either more or less intense. I tune the aggressive curve down a bit and it actually feels pretty good now.
  2. It feels more crisp. Its still not the best aiming I've felt, but it feels much better. I still use custom curves on my Elite to get it feeling truly nice.
  3. I'm not sure what the "Tick rate" is for Halo, I know some games like Destiny for example have some f-ing disgusting tick rates that cause you to die well behind corners.
  4. How do we think the aiming update with affect the pros? Will Optic now runaway with it?
  5. I don't think that the Skirmish playlist is going to do well when every slayer is 14 - 50 Also, did they nerf the camo?
  6. Why must you discussion topic Nazis force me to look at multiple threads rather than enjoy a single thread that spans the whole of my interests?
  7. Not finding games because people are installing the update
  8. It feels more like MWR ADS. But it definitely feels better I will need to turn off my Halo Specific sensitivity curve on my elite to see how that feels. Halo is the only game where I felt the need to actually change it. Also played a Pit Custom Halo 3 settings and it was fantastic!
  9. It does feel better.... just not perfect, but definitely better.
  10. Still waiting to find a game... early adopters(downloaders) be damned
  11. Huge fan that Arena, social, warzone, custom browser are all separate on the main menu.
  12. Wow.... I forgot how much faster XB1 downloads updates than my PS4...
  13. No gushing over aiming until its on the XB1 Halo 5 PC already had better controller aiming.
  14. I'm far more understanding that the KBM controls aren't great because the game was designed for controller input, but it makes me think that the game just has really bad I/O for aiming and it is much more noticeable on KBM. I would say for "FPS Design 101" aiming I/O should be #1 on the priority list.
  15. Unfortunately I have had the opposite experience, really bad servers lately.... Located in Midwest
  16. Now the question becomes.... will I ever turn my XBOX on ever again after this update...
  17. I don't think universal settings make sense ever. I don't think a casual would tune into the HCS and be like what where is the radar... F-this I'm not watching unless it looks exactly the same as the way I play... I think the majority of 343's reasons for things are what they perceive to be "cool". Plus if you watch the Bungie vs. 343 video. You can see that all 343 cares about is making things "cool" while Bungie cared about making it the best experience. Things that seem exciting, but actually make the game worse: Easy Sniper - Lots of no scopes, multikills, headshots [Actually lowers skill gap and is way too many kills, anyone can dominate with it now] Variety of "useful" weapons - bright colors and variety, different looking projectiles, not just pistols out the whole time [Autos ruin skill gap, makes snowballing even more likely since spawners are at such a disadvantage] Sprint - "speeds up the game" [Makes movement less predictable benefits careless tactics and adds randomness] Thrust, Ground Pound, Spartan Charge - Looks cool to see amazing tricks [Thrust is only a defensive tactic, slows the game down, GP eh...., SC i need not say how ridiculous SC is] Lots of OP power weapons - multikills....[Too many power weapons snowballs the game] Timers - Viewers know when the powerups come. [This isn't a big deal but it makes it so everyone knows whether a weapon is available less advantage for a set up] Radar - Forces engagements more often [Promotes camping, lowers skill gap, does not punish poor positioning, ring around the rosie] Seems to me the competitive community is niche, make a fucking awesome game and then let competitive happen organically. Bungie did not choose the settings, the competitive community decided what is/is not competitive not the Dev. I know Dev support is great but not if they literally try so hard to make everything cool that they suffocate the whole thing. Also one 2.5 million dollar even is about 10 times worse than ten $250k events. Seems like a great way to make your game irreverent for 10 months. Every time I see the HCS money list, I get so tilted that more more was given out for 2nd place than the entire rest of HCS combined.
  18. Chess is a classic game mode for Windows 95 which was removed in Windows 7 by Microsoft who owns 343 who develops Halo 5!
  19. @@TheSimms now you must tweet the obligatory passport picture and a comment about needing a new stamp.... Its required anytime it is announced you'll be casting oversees.
  20. Gotta love yourself too my friend.... not just your firm and adoring public
  21. @@TheSimms Do y'all get to use the Warm up station or anything in between casting?
  22. I think that someone should just put a sticker over the radar on all the monitors so that there is no choice but to play without radar.
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