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  1. I 100% agree that the "cheesy" plays in Halo aren't skill based. However, Royal 2 is actually BETTER at them than other players. I don't think he exploits it more often, I think he is better at identifying the opportunity to use them and thus is the most successful with them. If he was simply crouching around the map he would not be anywhere near the top of the HCS Fantasy page. Not to mention he ALWAYS has the best K/D Ratio of any player in Halo 5 since it came out. Stats geeks has Royal 2 ever not been the highest K/D Player in H5?
  2. Agreed, 343 is reacting to market trends. Data and research absolutely make decisions especially for large companies. They are data driven, and they attribute much of their success to using data to make well informed decisions. As much as we may disagree, 343 is not evil, they want Halo to be successful just like us. Its a difference of philosophy more so than intention.
  3. No, not per se As I stated Royal 2 is pretty much the only player that is significantly better at cheesy plays. All things being equal, I want Royal 2 hiding in the opponents engine with a Storm Rifle on Fathom CTF over any other player in the HCS. He has created a skill gap where there previously was none. Its kind of amazing really. He is kind of a genius. So what I'm really saying is the Royal 2 is a genius and autos suck! EDIT: Also, I don't think nerfing/removing the cheesy mechanics would make Royal 2 worse, he is that good.
  4. Let's be honest, H5 would make a great pizza because its got so much Cheese. Usually the cheese is removed for competitive but the spectators couldn't reconcile the fundamental differences between competitive settings and casual settings. Halo 5 Cheese: Radar Abuse Spartan Charge Storm Rifle/SMG/AR/SAW Clamber (Fall off map cuz I suck at jumping, nope I'll just clamber up to safety) Royal 2 is factually the best at slaying without dying in Halo not only because he has a godlike shot and is super smart, but also because he exploits the cheese better than anyone, and has done it from the beginning. People want to knock his crouching shotgun plays but the dude does it better than anyone. He created skill gap from the cheese and that takes real skill.
  5. I know but I get a bit tilted whenever someone complains about being "On Topic" it makes me feel like my Team Beyond Constitutional rights are being infringed upon.
  6. No this is the Discussion part of the "HWC 2017 Teams Seeds and Discussion" thread.
  7. I'm not saying that Frosty can't do skillful jumps, tricks, or clever movement with clamber. However, once he does something once on stream or in a scrim, the secret is lost and can usually be replicated. I honestly think Frosty would separate himself from the other players even more without clamber because it would be to risky for anyone to try his jumps at all due to the penalty. I agree that there are "clever" jumps but I would not call them "skill" jumps. I think that clamber DOES promote fluidity because it reduces the punishment for bad mechanics, and it DOES allow clever movement options that otherwise are impossible. However, from a pure skill gap perspective it makes the game easier for people who suck at jumping. People like me. It is still a crutch and one that I lean on, I even find myself clambering to get on top of stronghold pillars because I'm so lazy with my jumping technique. #NORADAR
  8. Sorry, but Clamber does NOT require skill. It severely diminishes the skill gap. I like clamber personally but it is not skillful Consider any situation where a player shorts a crouch jump and can just clamber up. The player made an unskillful play and the penalty is that he is put into a really short animation, and it takes .2 seconds longer to make said jump. A player missing that same exact jump in a previous Halo would be massively punished for shorting the same exact jump. Depending on the jump the punishment ranging from losing a power position to falling off the map. I'm not a particularly skilled player, but I can make just about all the jumps the pro's make, and I can do it consistently in Arena. Also, pandering for upvotes #NORADAR
  9. Take notes Halo Pros..... I haven't played COD since MW2, yet in the last 8 months I've been a huge OpTic Scump fan and watch them play at tournies. Not because I like COD, but because Scump is hilarious and pumps out vids like a champ. There is a reason he has 2 million subscribers on youtube. He gives me a reason to have rooting interest, which is literally the ONLY way I would ever watch a COD Tournament. I'm sure putting out content is not easy to balance with all the other responsibilities some of these guys have, but honestly does any "Pro" other than @@Towey make consistent vids?
  10. I have an Elite Controller. Best Things: Custom Sensitivity Curves (I use aggressive, makes halo aiming feel less slippery, especially after the latest update) Location of the paddles is better for smaller hands (I use helljumper and mapped right paddle to ADS and it feels so much better) Button map switch (I made my Destiny and Halo layouts the same sprint/reload and can switch on the controller) Worst Things: The sticks have less resistance. (Feels harder to be accurate when you can literally move the stick with 0 pressure) The paddles are too easy to press (Takes a while to get used to not accidentally pressing them) Bumper Durability (Left bumper broke after 8 months, can be repaired for around $5) Heavy ( I play wired and remove the batteries because of how heavy it is) My opinion the best possible Halo 5 controller would be a PS4 Scuf with 2 paddles, or even no paddles since its much easier to claw a PS4 controller. (smalls hands )
  11. So how do I watch the VOD, or if I jump on late start from the beginning with MLG.tv I know I can do that with Twitch and its glorious. I couldn't figure it out, and then the stupid stats things showed me exactly who was in the losers finals and spoiled the tournament for me. I was pretty tilted.
  12. Sorry.... Che logic We are going in the right direction I agree, I guess it had to get worse before it can get better.
  13. I mean the logical answer to the complaint of too many, too powerful autos is obviously MORE powerful, and MORE plentiful autos.... Clearly! -343 Logic
  14. The best thing ever said by you my friend, that was beautiful
  15. Pick 4, any 4 players to make an unbeatable team. Royal 2, Snakebite, Huke, and Ola, Lethul or Frosty..... I'm trying to consider how much harder it would be to build a roster that could beat them so.... This is literally impossible to come up with a perfect team...
  16. It would be nice to see him play Halo more but I don't know why he would grind Halo much. He usually complains about how being a Halo Pro has held back his streaming career, plus he's getting 3k-4k viewers every time he plays H1Z1.
  17. So your saying the best way to keep the Title belt is to NOT go to LAN Tournaments?
  18. Says "Be straight up with people, it'll get you farther" after making vague cryptic tweets.
  19. Mostly, but even sometimes on regret it feels a bit laggy. I honestly notice the difference a lot more than I did before the update since it feels so good some times. The worst are the BTB maps that are in the Shotty Sniper Playlist.
  20. Am I the only one who thinks on certain maps the aiming is still ass?
  21. I get the feeling that roster-mania will not be nearly as exciting since it seems pretty likely that 2 or 3 teams will stay the same. Staying the Same: OpTic nV Possibly staying together: Liquid St8 Definately Changing: LG EG E6 ALG
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