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  1. In Lethul's Pro Spotlight he specifically mentioned that he preferred the style of CLG's communication over EG's. I think Snakebite leads by example in that regard. If you listen in to CLG's comms you'll see that Snakebite is so calm and smooth the entire game. He never sounds critical, he should be a manager someday his employees would love him!
  2. Yes they did 9 - 5 RNG, you can find lots of excuses as to why EG lost so badly. I think they replayed one game. Towey has his analysis suspector POV on his youtube https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgI-_If7LpGWnVY9oN76A90yXuFjNjZRM
  3. Has been announced, does that mean EG on the grind again? Grind AND stream or grind in the cold desolate expanses of unstreamed scrims like before worlds.
  4. Now teams will stop dodging CLG in scrims. I would absolutely ask CLG to scrim every single night if I'm one of the teams trying to qualify.
  5. Snip3down went off in that game. His stats have improved since swapping Commonly and Suspector. Question for the experts, Were they too similar to play together?
  6. During Lethal's stream he muted his mic to listen to the call. I did not see any indication that he was pleased or irritated with the call. Also, Snakebite and Frosty were MM with TJ and they didn't seem too happy nor upset about the call either. My guess is there is nothing too shocking or game changing in terms of settings/gametypes/maps. And yes, TJ also said we won't have to wait long as others posted.
  7. I found I rather enjoyed it too, but at first I felt like I was plodding around the map with my feet stuck in mud. Also, I felt like it was so easy to aim too, more aim assist? bullet magnetism maybe? bad opponents? not sure, but I was getting lots of would be perfects. I didn't feel missing out on the thruster too much, but no sprint and clamber reminded me that I required all kinds of precision to make a "simple" jump. Overall, I think I will be revisiting MCC more often.
  8. Anyone else get stuck playing MCC this weekend due to servers being down? I did and HOLY cow, I had completely forgotten how different Halo 5 plays compared to H2A and prior. The aiming feels different, the style of play, the speed. It makes me understand why CLG could be so far ahead. They understand Halo 5 better than all the other teams, stack their skill ceiling on top of it and I honestly don't see anyone taking more than 5 games off them in a scrim. I'm also beginning to understand why a lot of the Pro Halo Veterans are struggling. I don't think its their skills are deteriorating, I think the game is passing them by and the ones that adjust best will be just fine.
  9. CLG was already complaining last night that they were getting dodged. Pros, how does the whole scrimming thing work out? Do you guys set up scrims in advance, make schedule, or is it an unorganized free-for-all thing where you just basically ask who's on and wants to scrim?
  10. As a somewhat new lurker and doesn't have a dog in the fight so to speak. I will admit there does seem to be a lot of EG hate recently. Have they done something to piss off the community? From what I could tell they were the clear #2 going into worlds, with a very good record against all the other non-CLG teams, they had 1 bad series against RNG, got smoked by CLG like everyone else, now suddenly they are trash. Can someone help this pleeb understand why the community is so down on them, or is it the vocal minority speaking? Carification: By hate I mean, mock/discredit their success and highlight their issues and failures
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