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  1. Too bad the patch just made it so I occasionally get decent aim...
  2. So... why does aiming feel so much better on my PC... My goodness is it good compared to the XB1 version of Halo 5
  3. I've screamed more times in the last 2 weeks than the rest of my life combined due to heavy aim and bad servers. My dog thinks I'm insane. I had to disconnect my mic because I'm such a petulant whiner anymore.
  4. ALSO, Is the game intermittently unplayable the last week or so? For me I keep getting really bad heavy aim, I'm getting shot behind walls, and will get 5'd before I can get 3 shots off.
  5. You do get used to the elite light touch.
  6. Your not alone, I too struggle with this. Plays Halo for 1-2 hours, switch to Destiny = Aims like god crushes in PvP Plays Halo for 1-2 hours, switch to COD = Aims like god, still gets wrecked because of connection Plays any game thats not Halo 5 for 1-2 minutes, switches to Halo = Aims like trash
  7. I agree, I really prefer the new radar, I just want more people ranking in Proving Grounds playlist to balance the matches right now its been very feast or famine for me. On your second point, my guess is that H6 MP will just be re-skinned H5 with new maps and a bit of weapon re-balancing. I seriously doubt they will simplify movement options.
  8. So my sister wasn't great at school, meanwhile I was an A student. My parents were more pleased when my sister went from a D to a C than when I got all A for multiple report cards in a row. 343 has been delivering us low grades for a while excuse us for being happy when they improve. Its Halo and like a parent loves their children, I will love Halo whether it is straight A student like H3 was or the C student that H5 is. I do not condone the failures of 343 I simply acknowledge that improvement should be praised.
  9. I'm just trying to figure out what H3A would even look like since H3 already looks better in some ways than H5.
  10. 100% agree! The only way it makes sense for the manager to submit a roster without all players' consent would be if a player specifically signed his playing rights to an organization and a representative separate from the manager signed off on the roster in place of the player. Otherwise in my opinion no roster should be valid until all parties(Manger, Org, and all players) have signed the roster.
  11. To me the bottom line is that managers currently can submit rosters WITHOUT consent from the players, which should not be the case at all, and I don't even know how it could be enforced legally.
  12. Just getting caught up on he Cratos scandal. This simply highlights to me how infantile eSports still are today. It seems to me that the rules as stated were followed by ESL and that the ruling is "fair" from that perspective. One of the problems with eSports is that the teams are so small that in order to improve, new combinations form frequently. Its not fair to organizations for them to be top 3 one event and then their whole team dissolves. The manager rule does help give the orgs a modicum of power, but the roster turned in should be signed by each player prior to formal submital. Anything short of that should be considered invalid. This has to be an oversight by ESL not an intended functional rule. ESL may have thought that integrity would prevent this type of thing or just completely missed that this could even happen. I don't think that a manager should ever have the authority to sign players up for a team without their consent.
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